Describe how the story, ‘The Rattrap’ shows that basic human goodness can be brought out by understanding and love.


Answer – 

The theme of ‘The Rattrap’ is that most people are prone to falling into the trap of material gains. However, love and understanding have the power to transform a person and bring out his or her inherent human goodness. The world had been very cruel to the peddler. So, despite the old crofter’s kindness and hospitality, he betrayed his trust and stole thirty kronors from him. The ironmaster’s invitation did not impress him either. However, Edla Willmansson’s compassion and understanding caused him to change. Her human qualities aided in his development as a gentleman. He was easily able to resist minor temptations.

The peddler, who had always considered the entire world to be a rattrap, was finally freed from it thanks to Edla Willmansson’s selfless, sympathetic, kind, loving, and generous treatment, which was able to bring out his basic human goodness.

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class 12 english score full marks