Gandhi makes it clear that money and finance are a secondary aspect of the struggle in Champaran. Comment on the aspect that you think was most important for Gandhi.


Answer – 

Gandhiji’s perseverance, determination, and resolve led to his success in Champaran. He went to Champaran at the request of an illiterate peasant named Raj Kumar Shukla. There he listened to sharecroppers’ grievances and launched the Civil Disobedience Movement. He was victorious, and the landlords relinquished their claims to their estates, which were returned to the farmers. They gained courage and realized that they, too, could defend themselves. The landlords were forced to give up some of their money and prestige. As a result, Gandhiji broke the impasse between farmers and landlords.



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Why do you think Gandhi considered the Champaran episode to be a turning point in his life?

What was the attitude of the average Indian in smaller localities towards advocates of ‘home rule’?

How was Gandhi able to influence lawyers? Give instances.

“The battle of Champaran is won!.” What led Gandhiji to make this remark?

How did Gandhiji succeed in getting justice for the Indigo sharecroppers?

Gandhiji’s loyalty was not a loyalty to abstractions; it was a loyalty to living human beings. Why did Gandhiji continue his stay in Champaran even after indigo sharecropping disappeared?


class 12 english score full marks