Common University Entrance Test or CUET UG 2022 is a single entrance examination for candidates willing to take admission to various undergraduate courses at the central universities and other various state and Deemed-to-be universities across India. This entrance exam will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). According to NTA, the syllabus of CUET will be the same as the class 12 board exam syllabus, but the pattern will be different. CUET UG 2022 will be a computer-based examination having multiple-choice questions.


Marking scheme of the CUET UG 2022


NTA has also talked about the marking scheme of the CUET UG 2022 examination. Let’s discuss the CUET marking scheme in detail. 


According to the officially published bulletin



i) Every question in the examination will have 5 marks. That means, for every correctly attempted question, the candidates will be awarded +5 marks. 


ii) There will be negative marking in the CUET UG 2022 exam as well. For every incorrect or wrong answer, 1 mark will be deducted from the marks obtained by attempting the correct answers. 


iii) If the candidate does not answer any question or marks for review without submitting the answer, no mark (0) will be awarded or deducted in this case. This means that attempting won’t negatively affect the overall result of the candidate. 


iv) If more than one option among the multiple options provided for a question are found to be correct, then the candidates who have attempted any of the correct options, will be given 5 marks. 


v) But if all the options of any question appear to be correct, then all the candidates who have attempted that question will receive the 5 marks for that question.


vi) If any one of the options given for any question is found to be correct, or the question itself is found to be wrong, or dropped, then all the candidates who have attempted the wrong or the dropped question will be given the 5 marks allotted for that particular question. 


vii) For papers of multiple shifts, the raw score obtained by the candidates will be converted into NTA score. Candidates can visit the Appendix VII of this bulletin, to get to know about the process of NTA score calculation, in detail.


Let’s understand with examples,

Suppose a candidate has attempted 10 questions, out of which, 6 questions are answered correctly, and the rest 4 were wrongly answered.


Then the candidate will get (6*5=) 30 marks, and (4*1) marks will be deducted for the wrong attempt, from the already received 30 marks. That means, the total number, the candidate will get is (30-4=) 26. 


Now, suppose out of 10 questions, the candidate has answered 6 questions correctly and has not attempted the rest of the 4 questions. 


Then the candidate will score (6*5=) 30 marks, and no marks will be added or deducted from this. Because unattempted questions do not deduct any marks from the total marks. That means, the total score of the candidate will be 30.


Now, suppose one question has got more than one correct answer, and 5 candidates have attempted any of the correct answers of the question. But the other candidates have either unattempted or attempted the wrong answer, then only all those 5 candidates who have attempted any of the correct answers of that question, will get the allotted 5 marks for it, whereas others won’t.


Suppose out of 10 questions, a candidate has attempted 6 questions. Out of those 6 questions, if 5 questions are correctly answered, and the 6th question itself appears to be wrong, then the candidate will get marks for all the correct answers + the attempted wrong question. That means, the candidate will score (6*5=) 30 marks.


What is the validity of the CUET score?

The marks the examinees will score in the CUET exam will be used and considered for their admission to the chosen institutions for undergraduate courses. This CUET score will decide the fates of thousands of students, whether they will get to study their favorite subject at their dream universities or not. The other eligibility criteria and guidelines will obviously be followed by the institutions, but the main importance for admission to various undergraduate courses will be given to the CUET UG score card of the applicants.