Should Wizard Hit Mommy Question Answers Class 12 English Chapter 5

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Question Answers


CBSE Class 12 English Chapter 5 Should Wizard Hit Mommy Important Question Answers of 1,2 and 5 Marks from Vistas Book


Should Wizard Hit Mommy Question Answers – Here are the important questions of 1, 2, and 5 marks for CBSE Class 12 English Vista Book Chapter 5 Should wizard hit mommy. The important questions we have compiled will help the students to brush up on their knowledge about the subject.

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Should wizard hit mommy Important Questions (1 Marks)


Q1. Having a fresh hero momentarily stirred Jack to creative enthusiasm. “All right”, he said.


(i) Who is ‘Jack’ here?
a. Father
b. Owl
c. Skunk
d. Wizard


(ii) Who is ‘a fresh hero’?
a. Owl
b. Skunk
c. Tortoise
d. Mouse


(iii) What was the problem of this ‘fresh hero’?
a. Bad humor
b. Distorted face
c. Awful smell
d. Limping


(iv) How could Jo Know about this creature?
a. In class
b. In the mall
c. In the TV
d. In the zoo

Answer key



Q. No. Ans.
i a
ii b
iii c
iv a



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Should wizard hit mommy Important Question Answers (2 Marks – 30 to 40 words)


1. Why does Jo call the Skunk’s mommy stupid?

Ans – Value points
The mommy hit the wizard
forced him to make skunk smell bad again.
Jo wants the wizard to hit on the head of ‘stupid’ mommy.
Roger’s ‘stupid’ mother is responsible for Roger’s bad smell, should be punished.


2. What was the basic plot of each story told by Jack?
Ans – Value points
small creature, usually named Roger
had some problem
went with it to the wise old owl.
The owl sent him to the wizard and the wizard performed a magic spell that solved the problem and then demanded payment in pennies.


3. Give an example to show that Jo was a sensitive child.
Ans – Value points
She felt sad that Roger had no friends.
Jo was angry with Roger’s mom for hitting the wizard who gave Roger the smell of roses.


4. What is mother Skunk’s role in the story?
Ans – Value points
She makes Roger understand that his smell is his identity and he must not lose it.
Roger should remain as he is and should not change in order to make friends or to please others.

5. How did Jo want the story to end?
Ans – Value points
Neither the wizard nor Roger Skunk was wrong.
Mommy was wrong. The wizard should hit Mommy on the head with his wand.


Should wizard hit mommy Important Question Answers (5 Marks 120 to 150 words)


1. How does Jo show her independent thinking in the story ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy’?

Ans – Value points
The dreamy world of romance and beauty. Roger’s bad smell makes her sad. She is sympathetic towards Roger. Upset and angry with Mommy for hitting the wizard and restoring the bad smell.
Wants the wizard to hit mommy with the magic wand..


2. Describe Jack’s art of storytelling.

Ans – Value points
Jack has to tell a story to Jo every time he puts her to sleep. Same character – Roger but variety changes from skunk to chipmunk to squirrel to fish. Same storyline and characters – wise owl, wizard and his magic wand.
Keeps Jo’s interest alive. Imitates the voice of the wizard.


3. With respect to the events in the story, ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy’, who would you support, Wizard or Mommy? Justify your choice.

Ans – Value points
Debatable question. Title of story.
Jo wants to hit mommy while Jack opposes it. The difference in opinion.
Jack – based on conventional approach. Reminded of his own mother, supports
Jo – based on individuality. Feels sad for Roger. Not convinced with his
mother’s behavior.

Q4. Why does father have to tell Jo stories in the evenings and for Saturday naps?


Important Points-

– The story is set in an American background where Saturdays and Sundays are holidays. 

– Therefore, the father takes upon himself the duty of making his four-year-old daughter have a nap on Saturdays and go to bed at night on other days by narrating a story.


Q5. Why was story-telling ‘especially fatiguing’ for Jack on Saturdays? 


Important Points-

– The ritual of story-telling was adopted with the purpose of putting the little girl to bed. 

– However, Saturday story-telling exercise was very lengthy and tiring for the father as the child had grown up and refused to sleep even after a long session of story-telling.


Q6. Do you think the father in the story is, more or less, an alter ego of the author, as far as the childhood is concerned?


Important Points-

– The author, John Updike, suffered from ‘psoriasis and stammering during his childhood. 

– He was humiliated and ridiculed by his classmates because of this.  

– In the story Jo’s father recalls certain moments of humiliations of his own childhood’ which suggest that he is an alter ego of the author.


Q7. How would you describe the state of mind of the father when he finds himself tied to the daughter, while his pregnant wife is painting bric-a-brac downstairs?


Important Points-

– Jack finds himself trapped in the quagmire of two responsibilities. 

– Neither can he leave his daughter, who seems to be half-way asleep, nor can he help his pregnant wife, Clare, shuffling and painting furniture downstairs all by herself.


Q8. How would you interpret the expression, “This was a new phase, just this last month, a reality phase”?


This was a new phase, just this last month.’ What new phase is referred to here in the story “Should Wizard Hit Mommy?”


Important Points-

– This expression refers to the speedy growth of children. 

– Earlier Jo used to accept her father’s word without doubt or suspicion but now she had started questioning the veracity of things. 

– She had become more inquisitive and more difficult to be convinced.


Q9. What impression do you form about the little girl Jo when she protests against her father’s mistake of using the name Roger Fish for Roger Skunk?


Important Points-

– Jo, like all children, has a flair for listening to stories in rapt attention. 

– She creates a simultaneous visual image of the story being narrated to her. 

– So, she can easily detect any deviations or an error made by her father and does not hesitate to check him.


Q10. What is the moral issue that the story raises?


Important Points-

– Although “Should Wizard Hit Mommy?” reads like a typical bed time story elders tell little children, it does raise a moral question – 

“Should parents always decide what is best for their children or should the perspective of children be respected by adults?”

– The story raises the moral issue of choice between being unquestionably obedient and willingly accepting whatever is God-gifted or the right to make one’s decisions. 

– Roger Skunk is a sad child because he smells so awful that nobody wants to befriend him.  

– The chance to replace his bad smell with the smell of roses makes him excited, for everyone likes him and readily agrees to play with him. 

– However, Roger’s mother does not like the change because it is an act of defying nature. 

– So, she makes the wizard restore the original smell and Roger meekly accepts her decision.

– Jo’s view raises the issue of equality for all. 

– She feels that Roger is entitled to the pleasant smell of roses because that gets him friends which every child deserves.  

– She is equally annoyed by his mother’s decision and wants the wizard to hit her for compelling her son to sacrifice his desire.


Q11. How did Jo want the Roger Skunk story to end and why?


How did Jack end the Roger Skunk story? How and why did Jo want to change it?


Important Points-

– Jack ended the story at a point where Skunk’s mother forces the wizard to restore her son’s original foul smell. 

– Jo disapproved this unpredictable ending because she could not accept the Skunk’s mother hitting and scolding the powerful wizard.  

– So, she told her father to end the story in a manner where the wizard spanks the Skunk’s wicked and stupid mother for not letting her son have a new and pleasant smell.

–  Earlier Jo was very happy to learn that the Skunk had got a new pleasant smell of roses instead of the awful original one.  

– She was happy that he had found so many friends owing to his new smell. 

– For her, Roger Skunk ‘s story should have happily ended here.  

– According to the cheerful temperament of this four-year-old, being accepted by other creatures as a friend and playmate was of greater importance than being original.


Q12. Why does Jack insist that it was the wizard that was hit and not the mother?


Important Points-

– Jack, just like the author, is a mama’s boy and reveres her immensely. 

– It is an open secret for the members of the family, and even a child of four takes it as an unchallengeable fact. 

– His defiant answer, “It was not,” to Jo’s comment about mother Skunk, That was a stupid mommy,” makes even the little girl understand that somewhere within him, her father “was defending his own mother to her”. 

– A man with so much love for his mother would miss a heart-beat, if he accepts that the mother was or could ever be hit instead of the wizard.  

– Jack firmly believes that mothers can’t err and deserve unconditional obedience. 

– Wizards can be hit in order to prove the worth of mothers.  

– Moreover, mother was justified in her belief that what is natural is not disgraceful and one should never give up one’s individuality. 


Q13. What makes Jack feel caught up in ugly middle position? 


Important Points-

– Jack is a loving father as well as a caring husband. 

– He wishes to help his pregnant wife paint the household furniture and also put his inquisitive four years old daughter to sleep by telling her a story.  

– However, he cannot do either because his curious child argues with him about the ending of the story while his wife complains that “That was a long story”.

– Jack’s plan to finish the story quickly and then go downstairs to help his wife does not work because Jo interrupts him on several occasions asking questions and even correcting him a couple of times.  

– He finally goes downstairs without waiting for the child to fall asleep. 

– In fact he has to threaten her when she follows him. 

– On reaching down, Clare complains for having taken so long, Jack feels like having been caught in an ‘ugly middle position.  


Q14. What is your stance regarding the two endings to the Roger Skunk’s story?


Important Points-

– Roger Skunk’s story has two diverse endings. 

– Jack’s ending is realistic and seems to suggest that one should be flexible and accept everything that is natural.  

– This ending would therefore appeal more to grown-ups and mature listeners and also to those who know about Jack’s relationship with his mother and his humiliating childhood experiences.  

– However, the world view of Jo may be different but is equally valid. 

– She does not see injustice, evil or suffering. 

– Her innocent heart is hurt to see that mother Skunk spanks the powerful wizard and forces him to change her son’s smell back into an awful one.  

– She feels that it is gross injustice to Roger Skunk and he would lose his friends and happiness again.

– I find the ending suggested by Jo as better because the purpose of telling a bedtime story is more to give joy than to sermonise or seek personal catharsis.


Q15. Why is an adult’s perspective on life different from that of a child’s?


Important Points-

– Children are strangers to the negative and positive values in life. 

– They view things at superficial and sensory level. 

– On growing up, this perspective changes and the vision becomes realistic, reflective, philosophical and even psychological.  

– Like most children of her age, Jo prefers to live in fantasies. 

– She seeks a perfect world in stories where children should have lots of fun with friends.  

– Thus, while reacting to the story, she wants the wizard to hit Skunk’s mother and wreak vengeance on her. 

– Her father’s view differs radically from her because he explores the philosophical and moralistic aspect of the entire situation.  

– The wizard had unwittingly interfered with nature and had thus done a great deal of harm and deserves to be punished. 

– But since there is no injustice, evil or suffering in a child’s world, Jo wants the story to end in favour of Roger Skunk.


Q16. Bring out the aptness of the title of the story.


Important Points-

– The title of The title “Should Wizard Hit Mommy?” is apt and justified, in spite of the fact that the father is firm in his opinion that mothers are supreme and cannot err. 

– However, the author has chosen the title very gingerly and the reader faces two contrasting view-points.  

– The spirit of equality stamped in her mind urges Jo to condemn the mother and demand that the wizard should hit the mother. 

– The child’s thinking is simple and innocent.  

– She fails to understand that her father wants to convey that mothers are above all blame. 

– That is why, she demand the father to change the course of the story.

– Yet the author deliberately keeps the story open-ended and the title has a question mark leaving it for the readers to decide whether the mother should be hit or spared.


Q17. What is the theme of the story?


The story brings out the contrast between a child’s innocence and an adult’s complexes. Comment.


Important Points-

– Should Wizard Hit Mommy?” deals with a child’s innocence and an adult’s complexes. 

– The simple ritual of telling bedtime stories reveals the dilemma of parents to invent novel concepts.  – Jack resorts to narrating the same story with a slight variation. 

– His characters subconsciously deal with his own complexes. 

– Roger Skunk reminds him of the humiliation he had to face in his childhood.  

– Jo, on the other hand dwells in the world of fairies, wizards, birds and animals. 

– She does not mind the repetitiveness and gets involved at every step with her innocent input.

– A sub-theme of the story is the debate whether mothers are always right. 

– Jack’s personal experience favours this but Jo is too young to understand why the Skunk’s mother should hit the wizard. 

– Her innocence guides the wizard to hit the Skunk’s mother.

– The guilt experienced by couples caught in diverse but equally important responsibilities like housekeeping and parenting is also one of the concerns of the writer.


Q18. What is the message of the story?


What purpose does the story serve?


Important Points-

– John Updike brings home the idea that children have their own views and opinions. 

– It is wrong on the part of adults to thrust their personal complexes on them.  

– When a child expresses himself, parents shouldn’t brush him aside. 

– If the adult finds the child’s approach to be erroneous he should appeal to his reasoning rather than forcing the child to accept the adults’ view.

– The author also attempts to convey another message that we should honour, value and accept all creatures gleefully, the way Skunk was eventually accepted by the woodland creatures despite its foul smell.  

– Each being has been created with a purpose and hence should not be derided by others for what is natural. 

– The dilemma of modern life that traps adults in multiple responsibilities, often leaving them dejected, is also an issue that the writer wishes to raise through the story.



  1. Why does Jo call mommy to be ‘stupid mommy’?

    When mommy hits the helpful wizard, Jo calls her ‘stupid mommy’. She reasons that the wizard was helpful and got rid of the bad smell due to which Roger could make friends. So, it was inappropriate of mommy to hit the wizard.


  3. What reason does Jack give for his opinion that wizard should not hit mommy?

    Jack insisted that the wizard should not hit the mommy. He reasoned that mommy wanted good for Roger and her decision of Roger getting back the old foul smell was correct. He added that gradually the other animals got used to Roger, the way he was and did not mind it at all. Perhaps, he was trying to defend all mothers.


  4. The story “Should wizard hit mommy?” raises a moral issue. Elaborate on it.

    The story raises a moral issue that when children start growing up and thinking independently, they do not tolerate the authority of parents. The writer has ended the story on a question for the readers that whether the wizard should hit mommy or not. As per the little girl Jo, the wizard should hit the stupid mommy but as per her father Jack, wizard wo’nt do that. Jack wants to make Jo realize that parents always think and act for the betterment of their children.


  6. Should the wizard hit back the mommy?


    Wizard should not hit the mommy because the mommy has full right on her child and can decide what is good or bad for him. If mommy wants her child to have the bad smell and is upset on the one who changed it, she can hit the person and the person cannot hit back mommy.


  8. Was mommy wrong in hitting the helpful wizard?

    No, mommy was not wrong in hitting the helpful wizard. Mommy was furious when she came to know that the wizard had used magic to change her son, Roger’s smell. The smell was Roger’s identity and mommy did not want it to lose it. So, she went to the wizard, hit him and ordered him to restore the old smell. This also gives a message to all Rogers that if they face any problem, then before going to the wizard, they must seek help of their mommies.


Class 12 English Important Question Answers