CBSE Class 12 English Vista Book Important Questions for Chapter 5 Should wizard hit mommy

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 English Vista Book Chapter 5 Should wizard hit mommy Important Questions

Here are the important questions of 1, 2 and 5 marks for CBSE Class 12 English Vista Book Chapter 5 Should wizard hit mommy. The important questions we have compiled will help the students to brush up on their knowledge about the subject. Students can practice Class 12 English important questions to understand the subject better and improve their performance in the board exam. The solutions provided here will also give students an idea about how to write the answers. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 12


Important Question for CBSE Class 12 English Vista Book Chapter 5 Should wizard hit mommy


Should wizard hit mommy RTCs Questions (1 Marks)


1. Having a fresh hero momentarily stirred Jack to creative enthusiasm. “All right”, he said.


(i) Who is ‘Jack’ here?
a. Father
b. Owl
c. Skunk
d. Wizard


(ii) Who is ‘a fresh hero’?
a. Owl
b. Skunk
c. Tortoise
d. Mouse


(iii) What was the problem of this ‘fresh hero’?
a. Bad humour
b. Distorted face
c. Awful smell
d. Limping


(iv) How could Jo Know about this creature?
a. In the class
b. In the mall
c. In the TV
d. In the zoo

Answer key



Q. No.











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Should wizard hit mommy 2 Marks Important Questions – 30 to 40 words


1. Why does Jo call the Skunk’s mommy stupid?
Ans – Value points
The mommy hit the wizard
forced him to make skunk smell bad again.
Jo wants the wizard to hit on the head of ‘stupid’ mommy.
Roger’s ‘stupid’ mother is responsible for Roger’s bad smell, should be punished.


2. What was the basic plot of each story told by Jack?
Ans – Value points
small creature, usually named Roger
had some problem
went with it to the wise old owl.
The owl sent him to the wizard and the wizard performed a magic spell that solved the problem and then demanded payment in pennies.


3. Give an example to show that Jo was a sensitive child.
Ans – Value points
She felt sad that Roger had no friends.
Jo was angry with Roger’s mom for hitting the wizard who gave Roger the smell of roses.


4. What is mother Skunk’s role in the story?
Ans – Value points
She makes Roger understand that his smell is his identity and he must not lose it.
Roger should remain as he is and should not change in order to make friends or to please others.

5. How did Jo want the story to end?
Ans – Value points
Neither the wizard nor Roger Skunk were wrong.
Mommy was wrong. Wizard should hit Mommy on the head with his wand.


Should wizard hit mommy 5 Marks Important Questions – 120 to 150 words


1. How does Jo show her independent thinking in the story ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy’?
Ans – Value points
Dreamy world of romance and beauty. Roger’s bad smell makes her sad. She is sympathetic towards Roger. Upset and angry with Mommy for hitting the wizard and restoring the bad smell.
Wants wizard to hit mommy with the magic wand..


2. Describe Jack’s art of storytelling.
Ans – Value points
Jack has to tell a story to Jo every time he puts her to sleep. Same character – Roger but variety changes from skunk to chipmunk to squirrel to fish. Same storyline and characters – wise owl, wizard and his magic wand.
Keeps Jo’s interest alive. Imitates the voice of the wizard.


3. With respect to the events in the story, ‘Should Wizard Hit Mommy’, who would you support, Wizard or Mommy ? Justify your choice.
Ans – Value points
Debatable question. Title of story.
Jo wants to hit mommy while Jack opposes it. Difference in opinion.
Jack – based on conventional approach. Reminded of his own mother, supports
Jo – based on individuality. Feels sad for Roger. Not convinced with his
mother’s behaviour.


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