The childhood experience of terror of Douglas made him stronger and more determined. Elucidate the above statement supporting it with evidence from the text.


Answer – 

It is true; if the childhood mishaps had not occurred, Douglas would never have become stronger and more determined. 

The terrifying incident at the YMCA pool, in which he nearly drowned, instilled in him a deep fear of water. All of his outings with his friends were ruined by his fear. Whenever he went to Cascades, Tieton, or Warm Lake with his friends, he was overcome with fear of water, his legs paralysed, and icy horror gripped his heart.

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Finally, he hired a swimming instructor. The instructor fastened a belt around his waist. He wrapped the belt around himself. He fastened the belt to an overhead cable.

It took the author three months to learn the fundamentals. The instructor then showed him how to exhale underwater and inhale by raising his nose. He then showed him how to kick water with his legs.

He asked the author to swim the length of the pool after teaching and perfecting the basics. The author swam the length of the pool by himself starting the next day. There was no turning back after that. He swam across Wentworth and Warmlake Lakes. That is how the author overcame his apprehension. He emerged stronger and more determined. 



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How did Douglas develop an aversion to water?

Why does Douglas as an adult recount a childhood experience of terror and his conquering of it? What larger meaning does he draw from this experience?

Describe the efforts made by Douglas to save himself from drowning in the YMCA swimming pool.

How did the instructor make Douglas a good swimmer? 

‘This handicap stayed with me as the years rolled by.’ Which handicap is being referred to and what are the events that made Douglas handicapped?

How does Douglas overcome his fear of water?


class 12 english score full marks