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CBSE Class 10 Science Chapter 9 Heredity and Evolution MCQ Questions with Answers


Heredity and Evolution MCQs – Here is a compilation of Class 10 Science MCQs Chapter 9 Heredity and Evolution. Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new Exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference. Take Free Online MCQs Test For Class 10.



Q1- A Mendelian experiment consisted of breeding of tall pea plants bearing violet flowers with short pea plants bearing white flowers. The progeny all bore violet flowers but almost half of it were short. This suggests that the genetic make up of tall parent can be depicted as :

B) TTww
D) TtWw


Q2- Two pink coloured flowers on crossing resulted in 1 and 2 pink and 1 white flower progeny. The nature of cross will be :
A) Double fertilization
B) Self pollination
C) Cross pollination
D) No fertilization


Q3- The two versions of trait which are brought in by female and male gametes are situated at :
A) Copies of same chromosomes
B) Two different chromosomes
C) Sex chromosomes
D) Any chromosomes


Q4- From below, select the character that is acquired not inherited ?

A) Colour of eye
B) Colour of skin
C) Size of body
D) Nature of hair


Q5- A cross between tall plant (TT) and short pea plant (tt) is inherited in progeny that were all tall plants because :
A) Tallness is dominant character
B) Shortness is dominant character
C) Tallness is recessive trait
D) Height of pea plant is not governed by gene T or t


Q6- If a round green seeded plant (RRyy) is crossed with wrinkled, yellow seeded plant (rrYY),the seeds produced in F1 are :
A) Round and yellow
B) Round and green
C) wrinkled and green
D) wrinkled and yellow


Q7- Select the correct statement.
A) Tendril of pea plant and phylloclade of opuntia are homologous
B) Tendril of pea plant and phylloclade of opuntia are analogous
C) wings of birds and limbs of lizards are analogous
D) wings of birds and wings of bat are homologous


Q8- In peas, a pure tall plant (TT) is crossed with a short plant (tt). The ratio of pure tall to short plants in F2 is ?
A) 1:3
B) 3:1
C) 1:1
D) 2:1


Q9- New species may be formed if ______.
A) DNA do not undergoes significant changes in germ cells
B) Chromosomes number changes in gametes
C) There is no change in genetic material
D) Mating does not take place :


Q10- The number of sex chromosomes in zygote of humans is_______.
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4


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Q11- Select the group which shares the maximum number of common characters?
A) Two individuals of a species
B) Two species of genus
C) Two genera of a family
D) Two genera of two families



Q12- In human males all the chromosomes are paired perfectly except one. These unpaired chromosomes are _______.
A) large chromosomes
B) small chromosomes
C) Y chromosomes
D) Z chromosomes


Q13- If the fossil of an organism is found in the deeper layers of earth, then we can predict that __________.
A) The extinction of organism has occured recently
B) The extinction of organism has occured years ago
C) The fossil position in the layers pf earth is not related to its time of extinction
D) Time of extinction can not be determined


Q14- In evolutionary terms , we have more in common with _____________.
A) A chinese boy
B) A chimpanzee
C) A spider
D) A bacteria


Q15- An example of homologous organs are ___________.
A) Our arm and dog s fore leg
B) Our teeth and elephants tusks
C) Potato and runners of grass
D) All


Q16- According to evolutionary theory, formation of a new species is generally due to ________.
A) Sudden creation of nature
B) Accumulation of variations over several generations
C) Clones formed during sexual reproduction
D) Movement of individuals from one habitat to another


Q17- Some dinosaurs had feathers although they could fly but birds have feathers that help them to fly. In the context of evolution this means that ———–.
A) Reptiles have evolved from birds
B) There is no evolutionary connection between reptiles and birds
C) Feathers are homologous organs in both structures
D) Birds have evolved from reptiles



Q18- Which of the following is totally impossible outcome of Mendel’s Experiment?
A) 3 tall 1 short
B) 24 tall 8 short
C) 8 tall 0 short
D) 4 tall 1 medium height


Q19- Which of the following is not a direct conclusion that can be drawn from Mendel’s Experiment?
A) Only one parental trait is expressed
B) Two copies of each trait is inherited in sexually transmitted organism
C) For recessive trait to be expressed , both copies should be identical
D) Natural selection can alter frequency of inherited trait


Q20- Which section of DNA provides information for one protein?
A) Nucleus
B) Trait
C) chromosome
D) gene


Q21- What is the probability that the male progeny will be a boy?
A) 50%
B) 56%
C) 45%
D) it varies


Q22- Who have a perfect pair of sex chromosomes?
A) Girls
B) Boys
C) Both
D) It depends upon many factors


Q23- With whom you can associate theory of evolution?
A) Charles Darwin
B) Mendel
C) Stanley miller
D) Harold urey

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Q24- Which of the following can be called a characteristic?
A) plants can photosynthesise
B) we have two eyes
C) Mango tree is multicellular
D) All


Q25- Which of the following statements is not true with respect to variation?
A) All variations in a species have equal chance of survival
B) Change in genetic composition results in variation
C) Selection of variants by environmental factors forms the basis of evolutionary D) processes.
D) Variation is minimum in asexual reproduction


Q26- A trait in an organism is influenced by__________.
A) paternal DNA
B) Maternal DNA
C) Both paternal and maternal DNA
D) None


Q27- Select the group which shares maximum number of common characters ?
A) two individuals of a species
B) two individuals of a same genus
C) two individuals of a same order
D) two individuals of a same families


Q28- According to the evolutionary theory, formation of a new species is generally due to _____.
A) sudden creation by nature
B) accumulation of variations over several generations
C) clones formed during asexual reproduction
D) movement of individuals from one habitat to another


Q29- Which of the following is totally impossible outcome of Mendel’s experiment ?
A) 3tall 1 short
B) 24 tall 8 short
C) 8 tall 0 short
D) 4 tall and 1 medium height


Q30- Which one is possible progeny in F2 generation of pure breed tall with round seed and short plant with wrinkled seed ?
A) Tall plant with round seed
B) Tall plant with wrinkled seed
C) short plant with round seed
D) all


Q31- Which of the following is not controlled by genes ?
A) weight of a person
B) height of a person
C) Only 1
D) sometimes one sometimes 2


Q32- Homologous organs have ______
A) same structure same function
B) different structure different function
C) same structure different function
D) different structure same function


Q33- The rule of _____determines the process by which traits and characteristics are reliably inherited .
A) Heredity
B) Reproduction
C) generation
D) none


Q34- DNA is the information source for making ___in cells .
A) fats
B) vitamins
C) proteins
D) all


Q35- If this enzyme works efficiently then __________.
A) a lot of hormone is made
B) a plant will be tall
C) both a and b
D) none


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Q36- Each cell has two copies of each chromosome ________.
A) one each from male and female parents
B) from male parent
C) from female parent
D) any of above


Q37- In few reptiles, the ___ at which fertilized eggs are kept determines the sex of offspring .
A) temperature
B) pressure
C) place
D) all


Q38- Men have a ___ pair of sex chromosomes .
A) perfect
B) matched
C) mismatched
D) any of above


39. The basket of vegetables contains carrots, potato, radish and tomato. Which of them represents the correct homologous structures ?
A. carrot and Potato
B. Carrot and Tomato
C. Radish and carrot
D. Radish and potato


40. A character which is expressed in hybrid is always ________.
A. Dominant
B. Recessive
C. Co-dominant
D. Epistatic



Q41- The frequency of certain genes in a population changed over generations. This is the essence of the idea of ___
A) Revolution
B) Evolution
C) Reproduction
D) production


Q42- Theory of evolution is given by _____.
A) JBS Haldane
B) Stanley
C) Charles Darwin
D) Gregor Mendel


Q43- The preserved traces of living organisms are called ________.
A) Fossils
B) Species
C) Non living materials
D) None


Q44- Following have four limbs________.
A) Mammals
B) Amphibians
C) Reptiles
D) All


Q45- ___is used for studying human evolution .
A) Excavating
B) Time dating
C) Determining DNA sequence
D) All


Q46- The earliest member of human species, Homosapiens can be traced from :
A) West asia
B) Australia
C) East asia
D) Africa


Q47- The exchange in genetic material takes place in _____.
A) vegetative propagation
B) Asexual reproduction
C) sexual reproduction
D) budding


Q48- Which of the following statements is incorrect ?
A) for every hormone there is a gene
B) For every protein there is a gene
C) For production of every enzyme there is a gene
D) For every fat molecule there is a gene


Q49- The maleness of a child is determined by ___.
A) X chromosome in zygote
B) Y chromosome in zygote
C) The cytoplasm of germ cells which determines the sex
D) Sex is determined by chance


Q50- Select the incorrect statement :
A) Frequency of certain genes in a population change over several generations resulting in evolution
B) Reduction in weight of organism due to starvation is genetically controlled
C) Low weight parents can have heavy weight progeny
D) Traits which are not inherited over generation do not cause evolution


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Answer Key for Class 10 Science Book Chapter 9 Heredity and Evolution MCQs

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