Studying BCA from IGNOU – A brief overview


The Indira Gandhi National Open University, known as IGNOU has announced admission to Bachelor’s in Computer Application (BCA) course. The course will be for those who are interested in entering the IT field and make computing as their career.

The course can be pursued by students who have finished their higher secondary education and can take it further by later on pursuing their studies in MCA. There are also a great number of opportunities for the graduates of this field.


The duration of the BCA programme from IGNOU is three years, which can be completed in a maximum time of six years. If a person is not able to complete their study in the given time then he/she can also apply for an extension which will be granted to a further of two years. This will be done by seeking re-admission on remitting the pro-rata fee of the left-over courses.


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The medium of instruction for BCA from IGNOU will only be English which will mean that the course material will also be in English only.

Fees for BCA from IGNOU

The course will be paid on the basis of Rs. 5,000 per semester and the students are advised to stay updated on the latest rules as the fee can changed when the university decides.


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Credit System

The University follows credit system for all its programmes. As per the credit system, one credit is equivalent to 30 hours of the students study time and this is also inclusive of the learning activities. On the whole this system requires the student to put in extra effort and also work hard towards the completion of his course.

As per the credit system it is required of the student to timely submit his assignments and also complete the term-end examination for each course in the programme.

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IGNOU BCA Programme Structure

The BCA course has been divided into two semesters per year which are from January to July and the second is from July to December. There are examinations conducted on the end of each semester, which means that examinations are conducted twice a year. Examinations are conducted in June for the January to June session and similarly one is conducted in December for the July to December session.

It is the choice of the students to choose between either of the examinations and need to complete the minimum duration and other formalities prescribed for the programme.

Students need to on their own need to make sure that their requisite fee, minimum attendance and other such requirements are fulfilled before appearing in the fifth term end examinations. The results can be withheld or cancelled in case it is found that the student’s registration to the course is invalid.


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Recognition of BCA from IGNOU

IGNOU is a Central University established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 (Act No.50 of 1985) IGNOU Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates are recognized by all member Universities of Association  of Indian Universities (AIU) and are at par with Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates of all Indian  Universities/Deemed Universities/Institutions vide UGC Circular No. F1-52/2000 (CPP-II) dated May 05, 2004 & AIU Circular No. EV/B (449)/94/177115 dated January 14, 1994.

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