From Trade to Territory-The Company Establishes Power MCQs


CBSE Class 8 History Chapter 2 MCQs from the book Our Past III Book | History Chapter 2 “From Trade to Territory – The Company Establishes Power” Multiple Choice Questions ‌with Answers

From Trade to Territory – The Company Establishes Power MCQs – Here is a compilation of Free MCQs of Class 8 History Book Our Past III Chapter 2 From Trade to Territory-The Company Establishes Power.  Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 8.



Q1- Aurangzeb died in the year


A) 1707

B) 1710

C) 1705

D) 1711


Q2- ______ was the last ruler of Mughal empire.


A) Akbar II

B) Bahadur Shah Zafar

C) Aurangzeb

D) Shah Alam II


Q3- _____ granted a Charter to East India Company in early 1600s in order to trade with India


A) Queen Elizabeth I

B) Queen Victoria

C) King George V

D) Queen Elizabeth II


Q4- _____ was the first person to discover a trading route to India.


A) Vasco da Gama

B) James Cook

C) Columbus

D) Thomas Cook


Q5- Portugese were first to discover sea route to India in _____


A) 1490

B) 1496

C) 1498

D) 1500


Q6- Fine qualities of ____ had big market in Europe when European traders started 

marketing in India.


A) cotton

B) timber

C) wheat

D) pepper


Q7- The first English company came up in the year ____


A) 1666

B) 1651

C) 1652

D) 1655


Q8- Kalikata is the old name of 


A) Calicut

B) Kozhikode

C) Kolkata

D) Madras


Q9- Battle of Plassey took place in the year


A) 1757

B) 1789

C) 1760

D) 1755


Q10- During late 1690s, the Nawab of Bengal was 


A) Akbar II

B) Khuda Baksh

C) Shujauddaulah

D) Murshid Quli Khan


Q11– Alivardi Khan passed away in the year


A) 1756

B) 1791

C) 1780

D) 1777


Q12 ______ was the first major victory of Englishmen in India.


A) Battle of Plassey

B) Battle of Madras

C) battle of Mysore

D) Battle of Delhi


Q13- _____ led Englishmen in the Battle of Plassey against Bengal nawab in 1757


A) Warren Hasting

B) Louis Mountbaitten

C) Robert Clive

D) Lord Canning


Q14- _____ were appointed by Company in Indian States after Battle of Buxor


A) Resident

B) Nawab

C) Minister

D) Financer


Q15- Battle of Buxor was fought in 


A) 1765

B) 1764

C) 1767

D) 1769


Q16- Richard Wellsely was Governor General of Bengal from


A) 1798-1805

B) 1790-95

C) 1766-1770

D) 1775-1780


Q17- Kolkata city is on the banks of river


A) Yamuna

B) Hugli

C) Swarnaprabha

D) Mahi


Q18- _____ was capital of Tipu Sultan


A) Calicut

B) Mangalore

C) Seringapatnam

D) Masulipatnam


Q19- Sirajuddaulah was the successor of 


A) Murshid Quli Khan

B) Shah Alam II

C) Alivardi Khan

D) Aslam II


Q20- _______ was administrative head of Marathas based in Pune.


A) Holkar

B) Scindia

C) Peshwa

D) Bhonsle


Q21- _______ was Bengal’s governor in 1764.


A) Lord Canning

B) Sujauddaulah

C) Robert Clive

D) Warren Hasting


Q22- Marathas were defeated by English in _____ battle of Panipat.


A) third

B) first

C) fourth

D) second


Q23- After Second Anglo-Maratha war, Peshwa was sent to exile near


A) Lucknow

B) Bithur

C) Delhi

D) Amravati


Q24- In 1765, Mughal Empire appointed ____ as Diwan of Bengal Provinces.


A) East India Company

B) Nawab

C) Nagarseth

D) Akbar II


Q25- ______ preceded Tipu Sultan


A) Mir Jafar

B) Haider Ali

C) Aslam II

D) Lord Canning


Q26- Doctorine of Lapse was introduced by


A) Lord Canning

B) Lord Dalhousie

C) Lord Clive

D) Lord Curjon


Q27- First Anglo-Maratha war ended with _______


A) Treaty of Kanpur

B) treaty of Salbai

C) Treaty of Bithur

D) Poona Treaty


Q28- ____ is referred as ‘Tiger of Mysore’


A) Haider Ali

B) Akbar

C) Tipu Sultan

D) Shah Alam II


Q29- Lord Hasting became Governor General in


A) 1813

B) 1819

C) 1773

D) 1775


Q30- ______ was defeated by Englishmen in the Battle of Buxar.


A) Mir Qasim

B) Mir Jafar

C) Sirajudaulah

D) Alivardi Khan


Q31- ________ was annexed under Doctorine of Lapse in 1848


A) Poona

B) Satara

C) Gwaliar

D) Kanpur


Q32- Rani Channamma revolted against British in 


A) Kitoor

B) Lahore

C) Kanpur

D) Mangalore


Q33- The war of british with Afghanistan started in the year


A) 1838

B) 1835

C) 1850

D) 1822


Q34- During British – Afghan War, Maharaja _____ was King of Punjab.


A) Zorawar Singh

B) Ranjit Singh

C) Surendra Singh

D) Fateh Singh


Q35- Jhansi was annexed by Lord Dalhousie in


A) 1855

B) 1854

C) 1859

D) 1858


Q36- ________ was not under British rule in 1857.


A) Bombay

B) Madras

C) Hyderabad

D) Benaras


Correct Answer: C


Q37- Criminal court in each district was called _____ Adalat.


A) Diwani

B) Faujdari

C) Civil

D) Marriage


Q38- Diwani Adalat was ______ court.


A) civil

B) criminal

C) Faujdari

D) Crime


Q39- British Parliament was called


A) House of Commons

B) House of Lords

C) White House

D) Imperial House


Q40- _____ translated digest of Hindu Laws in English in 1775


A) Hastings

B) Canning

C) N B Halhed

D) Cornwille


Answer key for Class 8 History Our Past III Book Chapter 2 – From Trade to Territory-The Company Establishes Power  MCQs


Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 A 21 C
2 B 22 A
3 D 23 B
4 A 24 A
5 C 25 B
6 A 26 B
7 B 27 B
8 C 28 C
9 A 29 C
10 D 30 A
11 A 31 B
12 A 32 A
13 C 33 A
14 A 34 B
15 B 35 B
16 A 36 C
17 B 37 B
18 C 38 A
19 C 39 A
20 C 40 C



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