SpicyIP announces 7th SpicyIP Fellowship 2019 for Legal Research

SpicyIP Fellowships 2019 – SpicyIP is inviting applications for the 7th SpicyIP Fellowship 2019-20. If you have an interest in IP law and love legal research and writing, look no further! Apply immediately to become a SpicyIP Fellow!


The SpicyIP Fellowship is a coveted position for those seeking to make a mark in the world of IP. Warning though: it entails a high level of rigour in research and writing!


Though great fun as well, given the range of topics covered and the freedom you enjoy in creatively crafting your take on various IP cases and developments



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Research Fellows

  • This year, we are also looking for at least two (2) Research Fellows who will be required to provide high-quality research as well as writing assistance for various initiatives undertaken by SpicyIP with the aim of fostering a more transparent, collaborative and productive IP/innovation ecosystem in India
  • These initiatives include book projects, research papers, public interest petitions, reports, advocacy campaigns etc. One of the main projects that the Research Fellows will be required to work on is the compilation of the first Open Access IP Dictionary, a joint initiative of the Institute of Law, Nirma University (https://www.nirmauni.ac.in/ILNU) and SpicyIP


Scholarship Benefit

  • We are now looking for a fresh set of sharp, passionate and dedicated fellows who can help us grow even spicier this year. Apart from the sheer joy of writing, the selected Fellows will earn a stipend of approximately Rs. 45,000 a year (Rs. 1,000 per post)


Eligibility Criteria for SpicyIP Fellowships 2019

  • Anybody is welcome to apply. Sex no bar, age no bar, caste no bar, ideology no bar. So long as you are committed to the craft of writing, and possess a keen mind willing to learn and an attitude open to experimenting with fun formats and themes


Evaluation criteria


  • Topical Relevance
  • Research skills
  • Grammar/Lucidity /Language skills
  • Logical flow, coherence and structure
  • Enthusiasm/Passion
  • Creativity
  • Discipline/Timeliness/Proactivity


Research Fellows

  • Authorities cited
  • Brevity
  • Coverage of key points
  • Clarity of language
  • Structure
  • Presentation style


SpicyIP Fellowships 2019 Application Process

  • Interested candidates are required to submit the following to pankhuri[at]spicyip.com with a cc to contact[at]spicyip.com with “Application for 7th SpicyIP Fellowship” in the subject line.
  • Important: If “Application for 7th SpicyIP Fellowship” is not mentioned in the subject line, the e-mail may be missed by July 31, 2019:
  • At least two (2) blog posts;
  • CV (not exceeding 2 pages); and
  • A statement (not exceeding 1000 words) as to why the applicant thinks he/she would be a good fit for the blog.
  • The posts must be relevant to the Indian IP landscape even if not directly about an Indian development.
  • If you’re not sure whether your topic will be suitable, you may check with SpicyIP at pankhuri[at]spicyip.com with “Fellowship Topic Check” in the subject line.
  • All posts must be analytical and not merely descriptive. Posts that reflect on current IP developments will be preferred. Even historical IP related issues or posts that reflect on larger IP themes at a conceptual or macro level are welcome.
  • The word count of each post must be within the range of 900 to 1200 words. Fellows will be selected based on the quality of the posts submitted to SpicyIP during this four week period. If the two posts submitted by the applicant are not sufficient to make a determination of suitability for the fellowship, more posts may be required after mutual dialogue with the applicant.
  • The name of the selected Fellows will be announced on the blog.
  • If the first post from an applicant is of sub-standard quality, further posts from him/her will not be considered, barring exceptional circumstances.
  • The posts that meet the editorial standards of the blog will be published as guest posts. However, if the topic has already been covered on the blog, then the post will not be published unless it introduces a new angle or dimension or perspective.


SpicyIP Fellowships 2019 Important Dates

  • The deadline for submitting applications has now been extended from July 15 to July 31, 2019.


For full details about Fellowships, visit the official website: https://spicyip.com/2019/07/7th-spicyip-fellowship-2019-20-application-deadline-extended-to-july-31-2019.html