What is IGNOU Associative Studentship Scheme?

Associative Studentship Scheme by IGNOU

The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers an “Associative Studentship” scheme under which an eligible candidate can seek admission in one or some limited courses which are being offered by IGNOU, and then register for only one course or a limited number of courses, pertaining to a minimum of eight credits and a maximum of 32 credits.

The Associate Student needs to get associated to a Study Centre for the purpose of counseling, assignment evaluation, using of library, etc. The application form provided at the end of the IGNOU Admissions Prospectus can be used for registration. There will be a fee of Rs 700 charged per eight credit course for admission to course(s) under B.A, B.Com, B.Sc., BSW and BTS programmes, irrespective of the fact whether the course being applied to is an eight, six, four or two credit programme. For any other course the fee will be charge on a pro-rata basis. As per this system the programme fee will be divided by the number of credits of the programme which will be equal to the fee for a single credit, this will further be multiplied by the credits assigned to that course (rounded off to the next Fifty Rs). In case the Associate student is choosing B.A., then the candidate has the right to choose for ‘one course’ only from the group. If a student wants to choose from four courses of 8 credits each then they can opt one each from Group-1 to 6 as per their choice.

The minimum period for the associate Student for the completion of their course is six months whereas the maximum period is two years. In case the courses opted by the students are up to 16 credits then a minimum period of six months would be allowed, and if the option exceeds 16 credits, the minimum period would be one year.

The Associate Students need to be in touch with their respective study center so that they are updated on the schedule of the sessions and attend them too as there will be no separate counselling or lab work schedule for associate students.

The Associate Students will be allowed to take admission in any of the admission cycles. There will be no counselling and/ or lab/ practicals conducted separately for the Associate students but in such a case the students would be allowed to avail the counselling/practical session in the next semester and accordingly the minimum duration would be extended to another six months. However, the maximum duration of two years would remain unchanged.

In case an Associate Student chooses more than 16 credits worth of courses in either of the admission cycles then they will not be entitled to seek admission in the next consecutive cycle unless the prearranged minimum duration is finished.

Also these Associate Students are not eligible to take admission in any course which limited number of seats or the admission for which will be done through Entrance Test.

Associate Students will not be eligible for the award of any kind of ‘Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree’. They will also not be eligible for continuation of study by way of re-registration for the second or third year, as the case may be. ‘COURSE COMPLETION STATUS’ Card only will be issued to Associate Students.

Under the “Associative Studentship” scheme there is no provision for a change in course. Likewise, the provision for re-admission is also not available.

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