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Times SPARK Times of India Scholarship 2017

Times of India Scholarship 2017 for students from class IX to Class XII


Times of India invites applications for Times SPARK (Scholarship Program for Awareness Responsibility and Knowledge) Scholarship Programme for students studying from 9th Std. to 12th Std.


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About Read to Lead Program

What is Times SPARK?

Times SPARK is a scholarship under READ TO LEAD programme. SPARK stands for Scholarship Programme for Awareness Responsibility and Knowledge

This is an endeavour to encourage school students of class IX to XII to develop a reading habit that helps them understand about our society and environment, so that they can go on to write the future


How does it work?

The Time of India will carry ONE article per day across a range of fields like current affairs, science and technology, sport, politics, social issues, global developments etc

Over a span of 3 months, these articles will provide multi-dimensional perspectives to help you get a deeper understanding of various interesting subjects

At the end, there would be an online test followed by an interview to assess your understanding and perspectives


Scholarship Amount

After the fine assessment at the end of 3 months, up to 400 students will get an education grant ranging from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.2 lakhs

For the top 20, Bennett University will organize a special orientation program with its partner institutions – Cornell and Georgia Tech


For Schools

The top 5 school of each city based on the number of their students enrolled for the program, will get featured in The Time of India



Students of class IX to XII can apply for this programme in two different levels:

Level-I: for students with birthday from 01st Jul 2001 to 30th June 2004

Level-II for students with birthday from 01st Jul 1998 to 30th June 2001

The program is free for all; no registration fee



For further details on what each scholarship program offers, the eligibility criteria and how to apply please click on the individual scholarship programme links above
Visit https://www.timesspark.com/leader_board/school


Important Dates


Registration Start: 25th July 2017


Registration Close: 15th August 2017


On Teachers Day, the articles will be start in The Time of India (One articles per day): 15th Sept. 2017


Online Test: Mid-Dec 2017


Date of Interviews: Early-Jan 2018


Results Declared: 26th Jan 2018

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