Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) New Delhi announces MHRD Internship Scheme 2014 for Indian National for Batches I-III. The scheme is scheduled to commence from 01st October 2014 and will be available for a period of one year


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Objectives of the Scheme

a) To allow young students, who are most important among stakeholders, to be associated with the Ministry in formulation of policies, implementation of projects and various initiatives in Education Sector for mutual benefits

b) The interns may benefits by getting exposure to Government of India and contribute to Policy formulation by generating policy inputs such as empirical analysis, briefing reports, policy papers, etc

c) Ministry may benefit from the additional resources in the form of young talent and their new ideas may add to the policy formulation base

Eligibility Conditions

Following category of persons are eligible to apply:

a) The applicant should be a citizen of India;

b) She /he should be pursuing Graduation / Post Graduation / Research in Education, Social Sciences, Science, Humanities, Management, Engineering, ICT, Law from any recognized University / Institution within India or abroad;

c) Students pursuing three / four year programme should have at least completed two year (four semesters) of course and those pursuing five year integrated programme should have completed three years (six semesters)

d) Domain/ areas available for Internship

Higher Education – (Area – Technical Education including IITs, IIMs, Apex Bodies, Research and Development, Skill Development/Vocational Education)

Deemed Universities: Other Higher Education Institutions; Apex Bodies; Rashtriya Ucchatar Siksha Abhiyan (RUSA)

National Mission on Education through ICT, Distance Learning, Apprentice Scheme

School of Education & Literacy – (Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Adult Education and Literacy)

Other salient features of the Scheme

a) Duration: Internship shall be offered initially for two months only and extendable up to six months, if required, in individual cases. No stipend shall be paid for extended period. There shall be 6 batches of internship of two months each [i.e. October-November (Batch-I), December-January (Batch-II), February-March (Batch-III), April-May (Batch-IV), June-July (Batch-V) and August-September (Batch-VI)

b) Number of Interns: A maximum of 06 slots shall be available for offer to internship

c) Stipend: Token stipend @ Rs 10,000 (Rupees ten thousand only) per month shall be paid to an intern after successful completion of internship

d) Certificate: A certificate shall be issued to an intern on successful completion of his/her internship by Administration Division on the basis or recommendation of the concerned Bureau Head

e) Logistics: Interns shall be provided with a minimum logistics support i.e. office space with intercom telephone, internet and stationery items

f) Attachment: Interns shall be attached in different Bureaus of the Ministry taking into account, as far as possible, the domain / area of interest expressed by them

g) Submission of Report: Intern shall be required to submit a brief paper / report at the end of their assignment to concerned Bureau Head about their learning experience

h) Declaration of Secrecy: Interns shall be required to furnish to the Ministry a declaration of secrecy before the commencement of the internship

Selection Procedure

i) The applications received by the cut-off date will be summarized in a tabular form briefly indicating academic record, course pursued, Institute/University of enrollment, preference of domain area etc

ii) Applications complete in all respect shall be placed before Standing Selection Committee duly constituted by the Ministry

iii) Applications will be scrutinized by Standing Selection Committee and the actual offer will be sent to the candidates elected by the said committee subject to availability of slot

iv) The decision of the Selection Committee shall be final and binding and no queries shall be entertained

Application Procedure

Interested applicants pursuing course of studies at various recognized Universities/Institutions may send their applications in the enclosed proforma (Annexure-I) along with their CV

Applications may be sent by post so as to reach Section Officer (Establishment-IV), Room No.235, C-Wing, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi-1100115 by 30th August 2014 (05.30 P.M.) by applicants who intends to undertake internship in Batches I-III [October 2014 – March 2015] and by 28th February 2015 (05.30 P.M.) by applicants who intends to undertake internship in Batches IV-VI [April 2015 to September 2015]

Alternatively, application may also be sent by email at [email protected]

Applicants are required to produce a letter from their supervisor / Head of Department/Principal indicating their status in the institution and also conveying “No Objection” for allowing their student to undergo internship programme for the period for which she/he is selected. In case the tenure of internship is extended beyond two months, a separate “No Objection” will have to be submitted by the intern

Applicant will submit a Character Certificate from Head of their Institutions/Department / Guide before taking up internship

For more details, including Proforma of Application for Internship, visit

Important Dates

Notification of scheme on the website of Ministry inviting applications: 01st August 2014

Last date for receiving of application (Batch I-III): 31st August 2014

Compilation of the application received by the last date (Batch I-III): 10th September 2014

Meeting of the Standing Selection Committee (Batch I-III): 15th September 2014

Offering of the internship to selected candidates (Batch I-III): 25th Sept 2014

Commandment of the 1st Batch of Internship: 01st October 2014

Conclusion of 1st Batch of Internship: 30th November 2014

Commencement of the 2nd Batch of Internship: 01st December 2014

Conclusion of 2nd Batch of Internship: 31st January 2015

Commencement of the 3rd Batch of Internship: 01st February 2015

Invitation of Applications for Batches IV-VI (April 2015 – September 2015)

Last date for receiving of application (Batch IV-VI): 28th February 2015

Compilation of the application received by the last date (Batch IV-VI): 10th March 2015

Meeting of the Standing Selection Committee (Batch IV-VI): 15th March 2015

Conclusion of 3rd Batch of Internship: 31st March 2015

Commencement of the 4th Batch of Internship: 01st April 2015

Conclusion of 4th Batch of Internship: 31st May 2015

Commencement of the 5th Batch of Internship: 01st June 2015

Conclusion of 4th Batch of Internship: 31st July 2015

Commencement of the 4th Batch of Internship: 01st August 2015

Conclusion of 4th Batch Internship: 30th Sept 2015

Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

Govt of India, (Dept of Higher Education), Room No 429, ‘C’ Wing, Shastri Bhavan, Dr. R.P Marg, New Delhi, Website