MIB MB Scholarship 2017 – Trieste School of Management

MIB Trieste School of Management invites the applications for scholarship to MBA. MIB Trieste School of Management offers a wide portfolio of Merit Scholarships in the form of partial exemption from tuition fees.


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Scholarship & Motivations

Scholarship can be awarded per candidate. MIB Scholarships cannot be combined among themselves. In the MBA Application Form, candidates may list up to 3 Scholarships, enlightening the motivations of the choice in the Motivational Letter.


Scholarships will be awarded considering also the quality of the scholarship motivational essays.



The Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the professional and academic achievements and according to specific criteria determined by the corporate sponsors and partners.
By judging the candidates, the Admission Committee will consider:


The academic and professional achievements;


The merit distinctions received;


The results of the selection process (interview, test, etc.);


The personal skills and the leadership potential demonstrated throughout the admissions process;


The quality of the scholarship motivational essays.


Application procedure

Scholarship request should be completed and submitted within the MBA Application Form. Submit the MBA Application Form, listing the Scholarships you are applying for (max. 3 Scholarships) in the Scholarship field


Upload the requested CV and Motivational Letter, highlighting also your strengths and achievements related to the chosen Scholarship/s.


For more details, please visit, https://mib.edu/


Important Dates

Application Deadline is 15th August 2017


MIB Trieste School of Management

L.go Caduti di Nasiriya, 1, 34142 Trieste, Tel. +39 040 9188 111, Fax +39 040 9188 112, Email: [email protected], Website https://mib.edu/


For any query,  candidates are requested to check the official website  .

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