UG Scholarship 2018


ArtEZ University of Arts UG Scholarship 2018 – For the study year 2018-19 ArtEZ has the honour of offering the brightest and most excellent students from outside the European Economic Area an ArtEZ Scholarship 2018. The scholarships will be granted solely to new students, choosing to start their study in September 2018 and paying the higher tuition fee.


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Scholarship Details

  • The scholarship amounts to €5.000/- per chosen student, per year, for the duration of the degree course
  • The scholarship is paid (or subtracted from the tuition fee), at the beginning of each study year, if and when, the student advances to the next study year


Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must have passed the entrance exam and have been accepted into an ArtEZ degree course
  • The head of the ArtEZ course to which applicant have successfully applied, must justify their talent. Each course may specify their own criteria to characterize “rare talent”.



  • When applying for an ArtEZ scholarship you must submit all* of the following:
  • A written motivation (no longer than 2 – 4 pages) with an in-depth explanation as to the reasons why you have chosen to apply
  • Written reference(s) and/or recommendation letter(s) from relevant 3rd parties (teachers, mentors, professors, employers etc)
  • A completed application form Please send your application, as one PDF-attachment, via e-mail to
  • *incomplete applications & applications received after the deadline will not be processed

For more details, please visit,


Important Dates

  • The deadline for applications is 16th June 2018