GATE – an acronym for the Graduate Admission Test in Engineering is an all India level entrance examination for aspirants who want to pursue Masters/Direct PhD in India or elsewhere in the world. Every year, lakhs of candidates across the country appear in GATE exam – thus making it one of the toughest entrance tests in the country. 

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Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you prepare well in order to secure a seat in top institutes like IIT, IISC, NIT, and so on. The following is a rundown of some of the most important tips that may help you accomplish the said objective relatively easily.

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Tips for getting Good Scores in Gate Exams

  • First and foremost, always remember that you cannot possibly secure 100 marks in GATE! In fact, 90 is often a Herculean task considering that toppers usually answer somewhere around 85-90 marks. We do understand that how much you and other candidates will be attempting eventually depends upon the difficulty of the paper – but the general trend is what we have just projected.
  • Never ever omit any subject. One thing we have noticed throughout these years is that most students usually tend to omit a subject based on the weight age. The problem with such a strategy is that the subject(s) that you omit could obviously have some really simple questions while the ones you focus on may throw at you a bunch of really complicated questions.
  • While self-study of course works for the devoted candidates, it is always advisable that you join a coaching institute. Just remember that to secure a top rank in GATE, you must have a strong foundation in almost all the subjects. That, needless to say, can be a daunting task sometimes if you don’t receive sufficient help from a good faculty.
  • Always remember that Maths will eventually make a massive difference in your scores. Please note that approximately 30 marks, including of course the aptitude, will be really easy to score.
  • Solve a lot of GATE papers from the yester-years. Also check GATE Exam Question papers
  • PPTs won’t always provide you with sufficient knowledge. Learn the core concepts of all subjects only from the text books prescribed for your undergraduate courses.
  • Give more time to topics which you feel are tough and take help of 3-4 books to understand that topic. You can also have a look on last year question paper pattern and decide accordingly how much time you should devote for each topic.
  • Speed and accuracy are the most important things when you are appearing in any competitive exam. So, when you are appearing for GATE exam you should definitely work on your speed of solving questions with accuracy.

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