In this post, you will get to know tips to face an interview with confidence. The types of questions asked in a job interview and the answers to be given while facing an interview for a job placement have been discussed in detail. Candidates can take the help of these interview tips to prepare for an interview and reduce nervousness.  

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Interview Tips and Tricks
Whenever a candidate gets a call for a job interview, the call brings along a lot of nervousness and excitement. As the call for an interview comes after one has cleared many hurdles like written tests and group discussion, the desire to get through this phase gets very strong. As the level of expectation from oneself increases, one gets all the more tense about the outcome. A person’s performance in the interview can be the deciding factor on whether she will get the call letter from the company or not. So one needs to be well prepared to face a job interview confidently. Here we have compiled the sample questions asked in a job interview and how a candidate should answer them. 

Generally, every candidate who goes for an interview has to answer 3 types of questions. These are as follows –


1. Questions about the candidate

How to introduce yourself in interview? or 

How to give introduction in interview?

Sample Answer for the above question:

Introduce yourself with “I am ….” or “My name is….”. Do not start the sentence with “Myself …”

When the interview panel asks a candidate to introduce himself, he should start the sentence with either  “I am ….” or “My name is….”. Never start the sentence with “Myself ….”. Further, the candidate should talk about himself, his abilities, strengths, weaknesses, academic achievements, talents, etc. 

Remember: the interview panel is interested in YOU and not your family. So, do not talk about your siblings, relatives, etc, lest you should irritate the interviewer.


2. Questions about the company

Why do you want to work with us?

Answer suggestions:

Gather information about the company before going for the interview. When a candidate is asked why he is interested in joining the particular company, he must be ready with the company’s accomplishments, business ethics, policies which have been a deciding factor for him to choose it. 


3. Questions about the job profile

How are you well suited for this job profile?

Answer suggestions:

Describe how you are suitable for the role and responsibilities, how you can handle them, your abilities like handling extra work, working within the deadlines, etc. You have to create a match between your qualities, abilities and hobbies and the job that you are seeking. Make the interviewer feel that both you and the job profile are made for each other.

Conclusion: Remember the proverb, the first impression is the last impression. This is absolutely relevant when it comes to facing an interview. So, be confident because your personality, etiquette, walking style, dressing sense – everything matters. Prepare well, be real and face your interview with confidence. 


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