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What to expect in UPSC Civil Services Interview ?

upsc interview

IAS or Indian Administrative Services are considered as one of the most prestigious government jobs in the country and correctly so as it selected officials from here who will handle all the major administrative issues in our country. The selection procedure for the same is quite hard and aptly so.

Once the students have been screened through the preliminary and main written tests, they are grilled thoroughly   in their interview round which is conducted by experienced senior officials. The committee that takes the interview consists of one head and the other members are experts of their specific fields. The interview will consist of questions from the academic and general section. One needs to be prepared for at the least questions from their field and general knowledge. The main aim of the members in the interview board is to test the personality of the candidate.

The key is to be confident and have the persuasion in your-self to be able to perform well. Well to be able to tell you what kind of questions to expect in the interview and to give some tips on the same. Let’s go through the below mentioned points:


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Know yourself

To begin with most questions will be based on your bio-data, hobbies, career choices and why did you opt for the civil services examination. Most often you will be asked to share something about yourself; do not talk of things that are mentioned on your resume and try in to explain in this time about yourself, you career, strengths. Some questions can be related to your name; the meaning of your name especially if it is quite different from the others.

Some dates you should know

You should also be able to tell them of important personalities who were born on the same day or events that happened around the time of your birth date.

Know your form well

There will be a lot of pondering and hovering over the things you have mentioned in your form including the subjects, hobbies, service preferences that you have mentioned in it. So you put more emphasis on the interview as a test of logic and presentation and awareness rather than just subject knowledge.

Don’t just pick up any hobby

What you do in your free time should not be just for the heck of it. Mostly questions are asked for a reason you developed an interest in your hobby. Your hobby will be a strong reflection to your personality and be sure that the panel will judge you so, based on your answers.

Know the news

You at all costs need to be aware on what is happening around you and in the world. There is a very high probability to be asked about the burning issues and your opinions regarding the same will be judged. So you need to be aware on the current topics and be able be analytical to answer the interview board.

Your past experience

If you have worked in the past then be ready to answer questions on them. Why IAS, why not continue, applicability of your current profession in the civil services and so on. The thing is that if you have worked in the past then you should be able to explain the questions regarding it and other possible questions regarding your past and present career.

Presence of mind

Not everything is a simple 2+2. The panel is known for their wit and for asking questions which will make you think but you answers need to be quick. Be alert! At all costs you need to tackle things that the panel tells you with your presence of mind as well. The board can ask you situational questions also. Be analytical and be quick, the board is asking you such questions to check you wit, how you handle surprises and pressure.

The UPSC interview brings with itself a wide range of questions and these questions will check your personality, choices, judgment and your wit. End of the day it is about checking whether you can be deemed qualified for joining the civil services.