Career Option available after Graduation

Career options after Graduation – Are you confused about what should be done after completing graduation? While some students have exactly figured out what they would be doing after graduation, most of the others find themselves in no man’s land. It is common for college students, especially final year students to feel the tension and pressure regarding their career. Moreover, today a student has hundreds of options available to choose from which makes it even more difficult for them.


How to know what to do after graduation?

The career you choose after graduation will pave your way to a better professional future. Hence it is important to make the right career decision. Now it isn’t like the former times where people could only choose their jobs based on their educational background. Many interesting off-beat jobs are being popular. From pet grooming to ethical hacking, there is a variety of innovative degrees being offered by Indian universities and colleges. An engineering graduate does not have to stick to his own field as the only career option.

However, finally, it all depends on your passion, aptitude, and skills. Therefore, your first task is to find out where your interest lies in, what job would make you content. After gaining the knowledge and experience in college, you must have got an idea about your core area of interest. Furthermore, you could jot down your hobbies and passion along with the talents or skills you possess. This would help you in analyzing what you are good at and what would be good for you.

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Here we are to guide you to choose the right option after the Bachelors’s. If you are unsure about what should be done after graduation, we would like to navigate you in the right direction and help you realizing and achieving your dream job.

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Career Options for Arts Graduates

Art graduates have lots of lucrative career options other than traditional courses and jobs.

  • For further studies, students can choose M.A programs in various subjects like English, Economics, and History. M.A programs are ideal if you wish to continue your further studies through M.Phil and Doctorate programs. If the candidates want to take a teaching profession, then again M.A degrees are helpful.
  • If you are willing to get a career in the education domain, then opt for a B.Ed programme after graduation. This would prepare you to be a teacher.
  • The ones who are looking for job-oriented courses should take a diploma programme. These short term programmes are perfect for imparting professional training in various fields. There are various diploma courses offered by colleges, choose the one depending on your field of interest.
  • Similarly, there are wide job prospects for art graduates, both in public as well as public sector. The government jobs include Central Secretariat, Banking, Agriculture, Railways, Press and many more. If you are one of those who wish to serve the nation and play a significant role in the building of the country, then join the civil services. The UPSC provides various career options for art students. Here is a list of entrance tests that you could appear for after graduation.


Career options for Science Students after graduation

Science-based students have a wide spectrum of career choices to choose from.

  • After completing B.Sc, they can straightaway go for an M.Sc program and specialize in their field of choice.
  • Besides, they can also opt for an MBA program which will boost their career in the field of management.
  • MCA (Master of Computer Applications) is another option for science graduates who wish to join the IT field. Further, the candidates who are willing to move into the teaching profession can do B.Ed.
  • There are also a variety of diploma courses suitable for science graduates such as a diploma in computer languages, computer science, animation, etc. These short term courses also offer lucrative salary packages.
  • There are numerous job opportunities for science students. They can find jobs in educational institutes, chemical industries, hospitals or pharmacy, space research centers, geological survey institutes and many more. The science students have no compulsion to stick onto these technical fields, they could also opt for marketing, business or any other field, given that they possess the required skills. As a science graduate, you could also give the entrance exams for government jobs.


Career Options for Commerce Students

Earlier, people had a general belief that commerce students have very few career options. But to the contrary, they have a much wide variety of options to choose from after graduation. You can take a look at the possible options given below.

  • Commerce students have enough opportunities for jobs in the banking sector. All you need to do is sit for competitive bank exams and you can enter for banks including government banks. You can take a look at this list of bank exams which you can appear after graduation.
  • Many students prefer to give CA exam which has a three-level module. The process is quite extensive with various stages of exams to qualify, but so are the career potentials. One can start preparing for the CA exam just after senior secondary.
  • B.Com students can go for M.Com programmes offered by any recognised university.
  • One of the other popular career options for commerce students is an MBA in finance. Candidates willing to pursue MBA programmes can sit for some of the entrance tests like CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT and so on. This would enable them to get into a prestigious MBA college.
  • After doing a B.Com, you can directly apply for the post of an accountant in any company. Accounting jobs are one of the most preferred jobs by commerce students. Besides, you can also apply for other financial-related jobs like investment analyst, stockbroker, tax consultant, financial advisor, auditor etc.


Explore Internship Opportunities

After judging your potential and taking the right career decision, the next step involves getting real-time experience. This would equip you with the professional skills required for your preferred job and also enable to get exposure to your field of work. Moreover, internships add value to your resume when you are searching for jobs. So, apply for an internship that is relevant to your career field.


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Hope this article has helped you in deciding your career path after graduation. If you are still confused about whether you should go for higher studies or take a job, then get the help of experts. There are many career counsellors who can help in realising what is perfect for you. You can also get the opinion of your seniors, professors or from people working in your field of choice. Do not worry over the future, enjoy your college days and give the exams confidently.