Career in Hotel Management – Career Prospects, Skills, Entrance Exams, Salary and Top Hotel Management Institutions

How to build a career in Hospitality and Hotel Management 

Introdcution to Hotel Mangement 

What is Hotel Management – Hotel Management is a field  and career which requires aspirant to have a good personality with great communication skills to work in the Hotel and Hospitality industry. The hotel industry is growing day by day because of globalization. Not only Indian firms but International hotel and hospitality chains also offer jobs to students.


Career in Hotel Management –  A luxurious stay with a home-comfort and a great view is what we expect while spending on our stay while being away from home. To be a successful hotel manager, you just need to think about your guests from this side only, that is what they expect you to provide. 



Hotel managers and staffs put their heart and soul to make our expenditure feel valued. And due to this, with the rise of tourism, the hotel management industry has grown a lot. 


Hotel management courses after Class 12, are slowly gaining the attention of this current generation. So to use this rising scope of Hotel Management as an opportunity, keep reading this blog to increase your knowledge regarding how to build a Career in Hotel Management.


Career Prospect of Hotel Management 

Being one of the first action-takers in such a rising industry is an opportunity itself. The Hotel Management industry is now at a fast-growing pace. So the main prospect of Hotel Management as a Career is to have the certainty and scope of improvisation in the field. 


As a hotel manager, you get to meet different people of diverse regions, having distinguished cultures and languages, which helps you to gain maximized exposure. 


Besides that, the Hotel Management industry is a global one, so the opportunity to get the scope to work is huge and is global as well. You get the scope to be familiarized with varieties of ways in which hotels are managed all over the world. 


The more you experience, the more you gain expertise and exposure. This in turn helps you to excel not only professionally, but also personally.


Educational Qualification 

The minimum qualification needed for hotel management is passing 10+2 level exam. You can apply for various underlevel position with a decent amount of salary, with such qualification. But if you want to apply for higher level job roles, then you should opt for specific certification courses after passing class 12. And if you want to pursue post-graduation degree, then you should get a graduation degree from any recognized university.


The basic quality that reflects your education in Hotel Management, is your behaviour and the ability to calmly resolve any dispute in your work field.


List of Popular Hotel Management Courses 


  • Bachelor of Hotel Management 
  • Bachelor of Hospital Management
  • Bachelor of Hospitality Management
  • BA Hospitality Management
  • BSc Catering Science and Hotel Management
  • BSc Hospitality and Hotel Administration
  • BSc Hospitality Studies



  • Master in Tourism and Hotel management
  • Master of Hotel Management MHM
  • MSc Tourism and Hospitality Management


Diploma Courses in Hotel Management 

  • Diploma in Hospitality Management 
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma Course in House Keeping
  • Diploma in Aviation Hospitality and Travel Management 
  • Diploma in Bakery and Confectionery
  • Diploma in Food Production 
  • Diploma in Hotel Management
  • Diploma in hotel Management and Catering Technology 


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Hotel Management Entrance Exams

To get the chance of working in a prestigious position of a prestigious field, you need to get your educational degree from some renowned university or college. And this needs you to crack entrance exams. Here’s listing some entrance exams for Hotel Management sector –


  • National level entrance – 
  1. i) NCHMCT JEE
  2. ii) AIMA UGAT


  • State level entrance –
  1. i) UPSEE BHMCT (Uttar Pradesh)
  2. ii) MAH CET HM (Maharashtra)

iii) WBJEE HM (West Bengal)

  • University level entrance – 
  1. i) PUTHAT (Punjab University)
  2. ii) CUET (Christ University)

iii) IPU CET (Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University)


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Top institutions to study Hotel Management

Here’s listing some of the best universities to study Hotel Management in India – 


  1. i) Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Pusa
  2. ii) Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration

      iii) Manipal Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology

  1. iv) Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Hyderabad
  2. v) Delhi Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, New Delhi


How to apply in colleges for Hotel Management Admission 

The Top hotel management colleges in India will offer you various courses like BHM, MHM, MBA/ PGDM as well as Diploma, Certificate, UG and PG level certification. Now you need to decide which course you would opt for. Learn about the aspects of all the courses, their pros and cons, and after that choose one. 


Such colleges take admission through merit-based list, whereas many top institutions select candidates through the entrance exams listed above.


Skills you need to build as a Hotel Manager

Skills are the swords, to win what you deserve, in any field. So, in the field of Hotel Management, you need to be well equipped with the needed skillset while applying for any particular role in Hotel Management. 


Don’t try to be the master of all trade of Hotel Management, choose any particular role, learn about the skills needed for the position, and start preparing yourself accordingly. 


Who knows, one day these skills will widen your path in building an empire of your own…


Here’s listing some generic skillset needed for Hotel Management, irrespective of any particular Job Role


  1. Hospitality – Hotels welcome guests, and guests deserve hospitality. Your behaviour should reflect softness and respect for the visitors and should make them feel at home.


  1. Smooth communication Smooth communication eases the process of building a sweet and respectful relationship with the guests. For this, you should be able to communicate in different languages (in which your guests converse) with ease.


  1. Having work ethic – Having respect for your duty, always creates an inevitable way towards achieving something desired. Before deciding to apply for any role in Hotel Management, you need to question yourself, whether you have the expected work ethic for the role or not. In Hotel Management, work ethic is so much necessary because the roles are directly connected to the guests’ privacy concerns. 


  1. Leadership quality – The word ‘manage’ in ‘Hotel Management’ demands you to have the quality to lead and hover over the execution process. Having the ability of decision making and team-leading is always a plus point for any role in Hotel Management.


  1. Flexibility and adaptability – You need to adapt yourself as well as your services in the hotel, to match with the growing and evolving industry. Be flexible towards change, and adaptable towards learning…nothing can hold you back from excelling in this field.


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Hotel Management Career and Salary 

As a beginner in this field, you should know the different scopes available in this field and should filter these opportunities based on your passion and salary. The salary in the aspect of Hotel Management ranges from 2 lakhs per annum to 20 lakhs per annum, based on your experience. The more you explore this industry, the more you gain knowledge and expertise, and the number of your salary digits keeps increasing. 


So to inform you properly about the various scopes available in this field, along with the  respective average salary packages, here we have listed some data –


Job scopes in Hotel Management Salary (per annum)

Front Office Manager 2 lakhs – 6 lakhs

General Manager 6 lakhs – 13 lakhs

Bartender 2 lakhs – 4 lakhs

Chef 2 lakhs – 6 lakhs

Food and Beverage Manager 2.5 lakhs – 7 lakhs

Executive Housekeeper 4.5 lakhs – 10 lakhs


But as a fresher, you will not be getting such a salary amount while joining straight after graduation. For the first period of a few months, you will have to work as an intern, having a stipend around Rs. 10,000 to 13,000. Once your internship period ends, your salary amount will be finalized based on your performance.



‘To start’ is the hardest part of any journey. All you need is the courage and the power of right decision making. Create a roadmap before starting for Hotel Management. Learn about the various aspects of this field, best colleges available, entrance exams and the syllabus, and start applying for your suitable institutions. Start building the required skillset and you are on your way of becoming a successful Hotel Manager.


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