List of Top 13 Online Computer Courses to Get a Job in 2021

There is a huge demand for Computer courses because the computer is one of the greatest discoveries of the 19th century and plays an important role in technological development throughout the world. 

If you want to stay connected to technology, you have to stay connected with the latest trends going on in terms of knowledge and skill development. 

On a daily basis, there are different types of technologies that are developing all over the world. Everyone can take the benefit of enrolling in an online Computer course and learn at the convenience of one’s home. 

If you want to update yourself and your children with the latest trends that can help in your and their future then you must know about the latest computer courses going. 

There are a few high-paying computer courses which help you to enhance your skills and thus, earn a better pay package. Here are the Top 10 Computer courses for 2021.

by Vaibhav Hulsure

  1. Data Analyst Computer Course
  2. Network Engineer Course CCNA
  3. Web Development
  4. Computer Hardware
  5. DBA Course
  6. Block-chain Developer
  7. Computer Programming Language 
  8. Ethical Hacking
  9. IT Auditor 
  10. Sytem Security Administrator
  11. Computer Systems Analysts
  12. Network Security Administrator
  13. Application Architect 


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Computer Courses in Demand 2021

Data Analyst Computer Course

This is the top course on our list. In today’s world, huge data is created every day. For businesses, it is very important to analyze data for decision-making. 

To analyze this huge data they need Data Analysts and Data Scientists. Data Analysts will convert huge numbers in simplified data which will be readable and easy to understand. Python is the most used language for Data Analysis. 

This Data Analyst Computer course was the most popular computer course in 2020. After completing this course you will get a job as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist which is the highest paying job currently. 

The Computer course in Data Analytics is a good option for those who want to opt for a Computer course after Graduation.


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Network Engineer Course CCNA

A Network Engineer takes care of planning, implementation, and overseeing of corporate networks and networking areas. The Network Engineer is hired on the highest pay scale as they play an important role in the organization. 

So, a computer course in Network Engineering promises to be a high-paying computer course.

If you are interested in networking you have a bright future ahead so go learn about computer networks, you will not only get a high pay scale but also job security. For this, you have to do a CCNA certification course.

How to get a job as Network Engineer

– Highly proficient in computer networking

– Practical knowledge is the key along with theoretical knowledge

-Good communication skills

-Good reasoning and analytical skill, CISCO certification would be a great advantage


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Web Development course

There is a huge demand for web developers in any technology company. Also nontechnical hiring web developers for making websites and custom software. Web development is one of the most sought-after online computer courses.

In the Web Development course, you can learn about web designing and database designing. 

You can learn markup languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript, and any programming language like PHP, Python, Java. Also, the student learns database language SQL.

Each day there are newer web technologies are developing and they are helping in getting things more easily for us. 

As a developer, you need to develop the latest trending web apps or solutions through the latest technologies like APIs, Distributed servers, and Databases.


How to get a Web Developer job

-Must have knowledge of new technologies running in the market

-Knowledge of commonly used web frameworks

-Need to be adept at web programming languages like Java, HTML, JavaScript, and Python

-Understanding of various web technologies like Server, client, and socket programming is required.


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Computer Hardware Course

It is one of the most enjoyable, honorable, and highest paid jobs in the computer industry or IT industry. For this profile, you must have knowledge of your corporate system’s designing and developing aspects. 

There are many short courses available. It depends on you, how deep you want to learn about computer hardware. There are 1-year Computer Hardware diploma courses also available. This is one of the best computer courses after 12th.


DBA Course

Database Administrator is the full form of DBA. If you love to play with data, this profile is best suited for you. You can learn the Database expertise in this field if you want to become a Database Administrator. Payscale is high as compared to other profiles. 

DBA course is a high-paying computer course. You will learn different types of databases and also database languages like MySQL, MSAccess, dBase, Foxpro, etc.


Block-chain Developer Course

In the last couple of years, block-chain technology is the most advanced and overrated technology throughout the world. Most Businesses have started developing their business solutions through this technology and the Blockchain developers are enjoying the pay scale as a result. Therefore, the Blockchain course has a bright future.

So this profile can be a great choice.


Computer Programming language Course

Programmers are one of the highest-paid jobs in the computer science industry from the beginning. This job is a bit tough but the pay scale is high with great learning ability. 

To become a computer programmer, one must need to learn different programming languages. A computer programming language course is a popular online course in computers

If you become an expert in any one programming language, you will get paid very high for your expertise. There are different courses for each programming language. Some Popular programming languages are Java, C, C++, Python, PHP, Ruby/Rails.


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Ethical Hacking Course

Every company is now concerned with cybersecurity issues. Hackers are trying to hack systems where sensitive data of the company is stored. 

With an Ethical hacking online course, you will learn how to protect systems from getting hacked. In this course, you will learn to think from hackers’ perspective, but you will use your learning in an ethical way to protect the systems, that’s why it is called Ethical Hacking. 

This job is prestigious among other jobs and the highest paying in the computer science industry once you have completed your course in Ethical Hacking.


IT Auditor Course (CISA)

To become an IT auditor, you need to complete the CISA Certification course. To improve the internal processes of any organization IT auditor places an important role that’s why the organizations hire the IT Auditor. This profile provides you both, job mobility and job satisfaction with a good package.


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System Security Administrator Course

As a system security administrator, you need to maintain the integrity of the organization. It is also one of the highest-paid jobs in the organization because the overall security of the systems is in your hands. 

You also have to maintain and manage the security aspects of corporate systems.


Computer Systems Analysts

In the IT industry, this profile is among the highest-paid profile because you need to manage the system requirements of the organization according to their corporate requirements. 

You will mainly coordinate with the design and maintenance of the workstations as needed by the software engineers and programmers.


Network Security Administrator

This profile is important because you will be the person who is responsible for the security of the network in the organization and as network security is a big task so companies provide a good package to the network security administrator, all you need a good and expert experience in computer networking.


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Application Architect Course

You need to design the ins and outs of organization application layouts. Developers will build every final product based on your structure. If you are creative, we advise you to go for this profile. And also Application Architect has been one of the highest paying computer jobs in the year 2019.

Some High Paying Computer Courses are listed below:

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Manager
  • Data Security Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Information Systems Security Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Big Data Engineer

Most of the above-mentioned courses are Computer Courses after Graduation. These are the computer courses which are in demand. You can do these courses either offline or online. Also, there are many Computer courses after the 12th

Offline classes are available for each and every course mentioned above. If you are not comfortable in going to a classroom and wanted to learn alone you can choose the option of Online Computer Courses through many websites available on the internet for free or at a minimal cost.


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