As you may be aware that a JEE Main aspirant has two options for sitting for the JEE Main Examination – Offline and Online. Most of us are aware of the Offline or the paper pencil mode , where candidates are given a Question paper and he sits for the exam as in his school and use pen and paper for giving this exam.

Since last year, that is, the first JEE Main Exam in 2016 (and also the AIEEE from previous two years) had introduced the Online Version of JEE Main Exam . This is a Computer Based Examination and the candidate has to attempt the paper online only.

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As the Online Version is something new for the candidates appearing for JEE Main , CBSE has come out with JEE main Mock Tests on their website which explains in Simple steps on What to expect in the online version of JEE main Examination”

Video on Attempting the JEE Main 2016 Online Examination

SuccessCDs has created a short video explaining the Online Version of JEE Main Exam (Computer Based tests) using the Mock Test on CBSE /JEE main Websites

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