Top 10 Vocational Courses after 12th Class



This article extensively covers about vocational courses after 12th. Read on to know what exactly are Vocational Courses? Why one should go in for the vocational courses? Names of colleges in India that offer Vocational Courses and Top 10 Vocational Courses after 12th


What are Vocational Courses?

Deviating from the normal course of streamlined courses like Bachelors may it be in Economics, Sociology or language studies, we have vocational courses. Vocational courses are generally deemed to be non-academic and are a specific trade, profession or vocation centric. These are the educational disciplines, which deviate from the norm and offer direct skills which are required for a particular trade or a profession. These courses, are build and structured in a manner to provide application based learning with a little theoretical aspect underlined. Sometimes, these courses may also provide on-the-job training for a specific profession or field. One can go for a vocational course right after their 10th standard or after their 12th standard. They can opt for long term as well as short term vocational courses, such as a degree, diploma or a certificate course. Vocational course and degrees are available in a multiple career fields including food technology, healthcare, web designing, office management and many more. There are numerous colleges, universities and institutes around the country that offer these vocational courses to the students who are inclined towards them. Skilled trades such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning and automobile repair are also provided by various vocational courses available. More and more students are opting for vocational course rather than going to the streamlined course available today. This might be due to the hoard of benefits that these courses offer to students. There are numerous benefits of studying vocational course. Some of them are as follows:


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  1. These courses equip you with the skills and knowledge of a specific field.
  2. Vocational courses provide an insight into the subject as well as provide vocational skill set.
  3. They offer deep insight into the requirements of a particular job.
  4. The specialized learning that happens in vocational courses is an advantage if the student is planning to join the same field.
  5. These courses produce skilled manpower for the organized sector of the country.
  6. It can be studied at your own convenience, even online.
  7. These programs tend to less expensive and for a shorter duration of time.
  8. Vocational courses keep pace with the dynamic global market and prepares the student for the same.


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Names of Colleges in India that Offer Vocational Courses

There are various colleges, institutes and organizations that offer vocational courses and training to the students. Some of the best institutes in India that offer vocational courses today are:

  1. Mangalmay Institute Of Management and Technology
  2. UP JaganNath University, Haryana City Group of Colleges
  3. UP Institute of Technology And Management (ITM), Dehradun
  4. The ICFAI University, Dehradun
  5. Vivekanand Institute of Hotel & Tourism Management, Gujarat
  6. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Govt. Polytechnic
  7. Chamber of Commerce Manali Ramakrishna Polytechnic College
  8. TN R.C. Institute of Technology, New Delhi
  9. Rajeev Gandhi Ayurved College, Andhra Pradesh
  10. AECS Pavan Industrial Training Institute, Kolar
  11. Jagadguru Sri Renukacharya VidyaPeeta, Karnataka
  12. Agarpara College, Orissa
  13. Abdul Kalam Institute of Technological Sciences Academy for Aeronautics and Computer Science


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Top 10 Vocational Courses after 12th

The numbers and the kinds of vocational courses that are available to the students today are abundant. Ranging from vocation courses in healthcare sector to acquiring the skills of plumbing. The range of these courses stretch vast, making the decision of taking up one particular vocational course, as little tricky. The first step in deciding which course to select, is to know the best courses which are out there to select from.

Here is a list of 10 best vocational courses, which colleges and institutes have to offer to today:


Animation Course

Animation is the procedure of making the illusion of motion, by rapidly displaying sequence of static images, which are a little different from each other. This is a path less treaded on, however the market for animation is catching on, is the next big thing in the market today. The market for 2D and 3D animators is growing in India and across the globe, thanks to animation movies like Avatar, Narnina and many more that grace the screen every year.

Career prospects in Animation: The first step to knowing that you want to pursue this course in to know that you have an inclination towards sketching, drawing and have an active imagination. Careers in sectors like advertisements, television, gaming and even education are possible after a vocational course in the field of education. Animation is catching up in television and education, as they are not being used for various purposes. A single animates movie, as of today requires 500 skilled animators, and with the demand growing, there is bound to be growth in the sectors too.


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Electronics/ House electrician/ Electrical expert

The world is switching to electrical gadgets more and more, thanks to the falling prices and their rising popularity. Good electricians are required by business, homes and factories alike. Electricians are responsible to create, maintain and repair any electrical equipment or wiring that might go wrong or faulty. It is necessary to keep up with the fast changing technology and to know the how-to’s of the lasts technology like navigation systems, communications systems and more.

Career prospects: The demand for electricians is on the rise as the use of electrical gadgets is on the rise and from time to time, all our gadgets do need repair and maintenance alike. One needs to undertake a lot more activities including the basic activities of assembly a device or installation of a new one, helping users in maintenance, testing and troubleshooting the gadget. Further they also help inn repairing and upgrading electronic equipment and systems that the user might want to get upgraded and repaired.


Gym/Physical Education

The world is becoming more and more health conscious and we are seeing a trend of people spending less on fast food chains and more on gyms. No wonder, the demand for a good fitness coach is on the rise among the youth of the country. Physical education which is the key to the holistic development of a kid, is now a course that students can further explore and make a career in with the help of vocational courses in the field of physical fitness.

Career prospects: A student who might want to study physical education will have to be energetic, enthusiastic and physically fit themselves to be a part of the course. One might want to study it for themselves to represent their country or district or might be interested in coaching them. There are also, a lot of career options in health clubs, gyms, sports academy and sports good manufacturing companies, if one studies this vocational course.


Finance and Banking

One of the oldest and most profitable sectors of the economy are banking and finance. Since, they are directly linked to the economy of the country, this sector is the most regulated of all. Banking and finance deals with assets, liabilities and investments in the dynamic economy of the world. This calls for a candidate that is not only active but is also well versed with the economic atmosphere of the world. The vocational course, enhance and builds skills which will help you in acing your career in this sector or field.


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Career prospects: The opportunities are endless when it comes to a vocational course in banking and finance. In private sector you can start your career at various posts including as a provisional Officer or a relationship manager-communication officer in banks, as a stockbroker, an analyst, statistician, and a credit control manager or as a corporate banking executive and much more. If you wish to join organized sector, then you can use the course to become a bank clerk.


Disaster Management

This lesser known field of study is extremely beneficial to all those who wish to work in the field of disaster management with reputed organizations. Disaster management focuses formulating plans which will help prevent vulnerable areas and people from hazardous calamities or help cope with them. In India, we have National Disaster Management Authority, which is an official government body which regulates the working towards the creation of disaster prevention plans.

Career prospects: The vocational course helps the students to enhance their knowledge, abilities, skills and outlook, on various disasters. A student can be assigned any of the various segments of the authority such as fire management, drought management, law enforcement authorities, relief agencies or maybe even insurance companies. However, working with National Disaster Management Authority isn’t the only option. You can also work with NGO’s, MNC’s and security administration.


Public Relations

Communication and public relation is the one of the important aspects of our lives as we stay in a society. Communication can be of course, verbal, written or visual. Good communication skills don’t only aid you in your professional life but also in your personal and interpersonal communication. Thus, there is no wonder that a lot of students today are opting for this course in the hopes of a bright career.


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Career prospects: All the companies today not only want to hire a good hard working candidate but also someone who is good at communications. A good career prospect is as a Public Relations manager who is the one who represents the company, delivers and carries out all the communications representing the company. The opportunities are endless from the field of Broadcast Journalism to becoming a Radio Jockey to being a Publicist with a firm, to working as a Lawyer with a firm or a role in Marketing. Once you enhance your communication skills, you are bound to have various doors open up to you.



When there is such tough completion out there in every field, it is possible to ensure that your company stands out by hiring the perfect Marketing or Advertisement person. Promoting and selling company’s products and services to the right clients is the primary job of a marketing or advertisement person. One needs innovation and creativity and need to survive in a highly dynamic work environment for this job role.

Career prospects: The ultimate goal of a marketing or advertisement person is to expand client base and ensure maximum benefit to the company. They can do so only if they have good communication skill, good soft skills and in depth knowledge of their field and marketing. Various field such as production, media, research and creative sectors call for such individuals. You can become a media planner, copywriter, illustrator or an advertisement agent.


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Catering Management

If there is one industry which will thrive no matter what, it is the food industry. With the food industry undergoing a huge transformation, this line of business is expanding like never before. Especially in a country like India, which is home to innumerable festivals and ceremonies, catering is one thing that people always go for, as it takes care of a key aspect – food. Even professional world is opts for elite catering services for their formal events, functions and seminars, etc.

Career prospects: There are various job positions that open up after study of vocational course in catering management such as becoming a kitchen porter, a waiting or a bar staff, being a food processing worker, a kitchen assistant the famous bartender. For a country who is who passionate and obsessed with their food, the scope of catering business is high and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.


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Beauty Course

If food doesn’t go out style, beauty is another sector which shows no sign of slowing down its growth. With people becoming more and more conscious of their hair and the way they look, this industry has seen a spike like never before in the recent years. There is no age bar to start a career in this sector, as you might not want to work directly, but you might to start your own beauty cosmetic line.

Career prospects: Job positions like cosmetology, hair styling, aesthetics, manicure, pedicure and electrolysis are open in various fields of fashion, advertising, film, and television and even theatre industry in the country. Experienced professionals are in high demand in this sector but can also opt for their own business if they don’t prefer working for someone.


Information Technology

This industry has seen a boom not only in India, but all across the world. Computers is not what information technology is limited to. Information technology expands to design, administration and computer support and telecommunications systems. Sound logical and critical thinking skills are essential for a great career in this field. Technology helps the business world in more than ways people can imagine such as in faster communication, in data exchange, in electronic data storage, and also in business secrets and records protection.

Career prospects: Vocational course are available in different fields including software development, application management, hardware/desktop support and network architecture. Chief Information Officer and System administrator are the key job roles to aim for with a vocational course in this sector/field.

No one can deny the importance of vocational courses and their impact. The best decision is however takes after careful consideration and after knowing which field you want to excel in. and then chouse the right Vocational Course after 12th.


Author: Andreena Sung