Tips for Improving and Evolving Personality

The earlier article ‘Mystique of An Impressive Personality’ enumerates qualities that go into making an impressive personality.

Here are ways to develop these qualities: –

A Frank and Honest Analysis

Sit down and honestly pen down an analysis of yourself-that is of all the assets, physical or mental, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Your ambitions.
  • Your limitations and the areas in which you need to improve.
  • Your resources-physical and economical that will be invested for the purpose of improvement.
  • A time frame should be assigned for this purpose.
  • How strong is your will power ? How much can you stretch it?
  • When do you want to begin to change things? The Magic Word is-NOW.
  • Draw up a plan that looks feasible. Glorious plans mostly end up in smoke.

Having done this, you can begin with: –

Physical appearance

  • Remember that only a lucky few are born with perfect features and a flawless complexion.
  • But everyone has some or the other asset. May be eyes, shape or mouth or lips, a radiant complexion or a combination of them.
  • Base your confidence on what you have rather than on what you don’t have.
  • Learn to like yourself because every human being is a unique creation of God.
  • One can learn a few make up tricks to enhance one’s best features.
  • A change of hairstyle sometimes works wonders for both the genders.

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Sartorial or Dress Sense

The old adage ‘ Tailor Makes a Man’ has a lot of sense. Clothes can make an amazing difference to one’s personality.

  •  Dressing up properly is an art-properly does not necessarily mean expensively.
  • Try to learn about colors, cuts and fabrics that suit you the best-in accordance with your height, complexion and physique. Seek help from knowledgeable friends and professionals.
  • It is wise to invest in a few smart branded clothes, rather than having many ordinary ones. Be creative and work out combinations within the limited number of clothes you have.
  • Wear clothes to compliment your personality rather than the ones that dominate or overshadow it.
  • Pure fabrics like cotton, linen and silk look more graceful compared to the synthetic ones.
  • Dress up suitably-Clothes should always be worn as per the occasion or the place.

The Work Place Dress Code

Dress up smartly but conservatively for the office, unless your workplace emphasizes casual dress culture. Some advertising and media agencies may not insist on formal attire.

  • A Dark Suit for men with white or light colored shirt and tie (not too flashy) is ideal for office wear and even official parties.
  • It is wise to invest in two pair of shoes-Black and Brown. These go with every color scheme, but take care to match these with your suit, e.g. do not wear Brown shoes with a Dark Blue Suit or Black shoes with a Brown Suit.
  • Women can wear a Sari, Salwar-Shirt or a nice Business Suit. Depending upon the office culture, a decent length Skirt or Trousers can also be worn. Jeans should be avoided although sometimes they can be paired with formal shirts.
  • Jewellery should be light and make up should be kept to minimum.
  • Loud make up, heavy jewellery; skimpy dresses and very high pointed heels are a complete no-no at a work place.

Informal Parties and Picnics Dress Code

  • One can really let one’s hair down in informal parties and picnics.
  • Dress up casually-wear what you like, only do not look overdressed or ridiculous.
  • Do take the age group of the crowd into account-if the party has all youngsters, one can be very free. If however it is a mixed crowd of younger and older persons and mixed genders, one must take care not to wear too revealing clothes.
  • Use caps, hats, scarves etc. to enhance your look and mood.

Evening Parties Dress Code

  • For men, traditional dresses or dark formal suits (with or without a tie, depending on the seriousness of the occasion) with matching accessories can be worn.
  • Bright colored Sherwanis, Silk brocade Kurtas and Flashy shirts are all in.
  • Ladies can glimmer and shimmer in glamorous outfits. Wear whatever you can carry off comfortably and gracefully.

In General

Keep track of the latest trends in hairstyles and clothing. Adopt only what enhances your appeal. Do not ape others just because anything is in.

  • Remaining understated is better than going overboard and look funny in a bid to be fashionable.
  • Always ‘Wear Your Confidence’ with whatever else you may decide to wear.

Develop Good Body Language

This is one aspect of your personality that requires serious attention. The good news is, that with a little effort one can surely develop impressive body language.

  • Learn to like yourself-this will boost your confidence.
  • Do not slouch. Whether tall or short, sit erect, without craning your neck or stretching yourself unduly.
  • Maintain a comfortable posture, keeping your back straight, your shoulders properly aligned and tummy tucked in. (not so hard that you can’t breathe)
  • Walk gracefully, maintaining again a straight posture, swaying your arms rhythmically in line with your strides/ steps, not towards the center, which looks very funny.
  • Practice maintaining a pleasant relaxed expression. Do not scowl or contort your features while talking. Keep the movement of hands minimum as you talk.

Polish your Manners

  • If you slurp as you eat or drink, keep spitting around, keep picking your nose, ears or teeth, bite nails and eat with your fingers while gravy runs down to your elbows, fidget all the time and can not sit properly in a chair, you need to improve your manners very very urgently. Start learning and working on them right away.
  • Seek professional help to learn table manners, use of cutlery such as knife-fork, spoon and the napkin.


Personality Development Tips


Be Courteous towards Ladies and the Elderly

  • Despite all the talk about gender, the ladies always appreciate a chivalrous man. So when in a lady’s company do not fight shy of opening doors and helping them with packages. It will add to your charm and popularity among ladies.
  • The same is also true about the elderly-be polite, respectful and helpful towards them. You will be known as a courteous and well-bred person apart from being showered with praise and blessings.

Good Personal Hygiene

Maintaining good personal hygiene is critical for being known as a person having a good and impressive personality.

  • Keep your body clean, fresh and smelling good.
  • It is very important to maintain oral hygiene.
  • Get rid of any foul odors from the mouth or body immediately.
  • Wear clean and well-ironed clothes.
  • Change into fresh undergarments everyday-better twice, if you sweat excessively.
  • If possible use a nice perfume, eau de toilette or after-shave as per your preference and liking. Light floral perfume for the ladies and spicy, tangy ones for men are recommended. Strong perfumes should be strictly used for evening parties.

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 Look after your Health

Physical fitness is a precondition for the success of any endeavor you may undertake to improve our personality.

Hence you must: –

  • Include regular exercise in your routine. Exercise; improve your health, posture and confidence.
  • Control your weight and food intake.
  • Eat healthy, fresh and balanced food. Avoid or minimize the consumption of processed foods, trans fats and include fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals in your diet.
  • Make necessary changes in your lifestyle.


We have discussed enough about the ways to improve, beautify and refine the physical aspects of one’s personality. But in order to be known as really impressive and an above average person, one has to sharpen one’s mental and intellectual faculties as well.

These will be discussed separately.

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