Do you have an Impressive personality ?

Personality is an enormously mystifying phenomenon. Here is an attempt to understand:

  • What attributes constitute to make an impressive Personality?
  • What makes a Person stand out in a crowd?
  • What is this mysterious and indefinable element called ‘Charisma’, that draws people like a magnet?
  • Why when some people speak, the world listens?

 Is it looks and physical appearance?

Glamorous outfits?
A way with words?
An impressive voice?
Or a sum total of all the traits mentioned above?


The answer is not all that easy.

Understanding the mystique of an impressive or magnetic personality needs serious thinking and consideration.

Let us begin with: –

Physical Appearance

Nobody can deny that an attractive face and well-proportioned physique is pleasing to the eye.

It draws attention at the first instance. But that is all to it. Beauty alone does not suffice.

The first impression soon evaporates if: –

  • The person has a bad dress sense.
  • Lacks in social etiquette.
  • Uses foul language and shows bad behavior.
  • Has no sense of conversation.
  • Is vain and pompous.

2. Sartorial Sense

The old adage’ Tailor Makes a Man’ has some merit. Good dress sense matching the physical attributes makes an impact for sure. But then again: –

  • It is important to carry oneself well.
  • Being well versed in the social graces is required in the company you move.

3. Body Language

The way a person carries himself/ herself that is –walks, stands, sits, gesticulates, his/ her mannerism, facial expressions etc. all constitute to form the body language. A good looking and well-attired person can easily look funny, irritating or even obnoxious if he/she lacks a graceful body language.

4. Voice

Voice of a person is a great determinant of his /her personality.

A soft-spoken lady with a sonorous or husky voice can win hearts more easily than a better-looking one with a harsh voice.

  • The tone, the pitch and the ability to modulate one’s speech contribute greatly to the appeal of one’s personality.

5. Personal Hygiene 

  • It is important to present a clean, fresh and well-manicured look.
  • Rumpled clothes, disheveled hair, cracked heels and blackened nails are a big put off.
  • Dirty teeth and foul breath and body odor makes one intolerable-irrespective of one’s looks and expensive dresses.
  • Dirty people are mostly treated as outcasts in civilized society unless one is forced to stand their company for an ulterior motive.

6. Etiquette

Social graces, good manners and courteous behavior all come under the spectrum of Etiquette.

  • Beautiful and attractive demeanor can be forgotten but a kind face, benevolent smile, well-mannered person and courteous behavior remain etched in our hearts-or at least they make deeper impact and last longer in our memory.

7. Good Communication Skills

A good conversationalist is a sure winner in any gathering. Such people illuminate and enliven dos and parties.

  • They are word savvy, diplomatic in their talk and make politically correct statements.
  • Their physical attributes move to the background as soon as the magic of their words starts casting its spell around.
  • Their communication skills are the high point of their personality.
  • People get drawn to them and listen to them when they speak.
  • Great orators, world leaders, inspirational Gurus belong to this category.


Coming back to the original concept of an Impressive personality– Anyone having all the qualities enumerated above is a dream-an ideal that can always be aspired to and idolized. But each one of us is unique in some respect or the other and has faculties with possibility to evolve towards perfection. As regards, developing one’s personality-a lot can be achieved through sincere effort and hard work.



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