What are the Career Options in Medical Biotechnology? 


There are quite a few options available in the field of Biotechnology. One has the option to go for teaching field. For this one will need to clear the NET exam. If the Candidate is more interested in the research field then he/she must appear for the CSIR or JRF exam. Incase he/she would like to become a scientist they can choose from the various areas like being a medical scientist or a biological scientist. By being a medical scientist the candidate should be conducting study on various viruses and bacterias. Biological scientists focus more on plants, animals and living organisms.

There are also other option like becoming a prosthesis which deals with formation artificial body parts. Pathology is also another option available to these candidates. Candidates of this profile are also required in the forensic laboratories. they should choose the area which interests them and select the course from which they can benefit.