CBSE to make Art as a mandatory subject for all classes

CBSE to include Arts as a mandatory subject for all classes – As per the reports by various news media, CBSE is all set to make Arts education mandatory to be taught in class 1st to 12th in all the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliated schools from this academic session It has been said by an official that, at least two periods for art education per week should be compulsory in every CBSE affiliated school from the next academic session.


The board has informed that in addition to all the major streams coming under arts such as dance, music, theatre and visual arts & craft, the culinary art should also be introduced to the students from class 6th to 8th.


“This will make them understand the value of the nutritious food, crops which are grown in India, spices of India, good agricultural practices and pesticides,” said the official.


Moreover, CBSE official said that “An attempt to enlist traditional foods from different states has been made, with the thought that learners must also be exposed to this aspect of our culture.”


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As said by CBSE official, “All the safety precaution shall be taken care first before introducing children to culinary art.”  For the art related subjects, only the process-oriented evaluation will be carried out, but no exam will be taken. The basic components of all the art form will be a theory, practical and project work.


CBSE has cited various examples to explain the value of integrating arts in education system such as, the routine method involving studying metallurgy in chemistry and meiosis in biology when taught through art will stimulate the students to ask questions like – “if I were a metal, how would I artistically depict my journey with other metals.”


So, the board has introduced art education to the education system for the betterment of learning in classrooms.  


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