Top 9 Career Options after Mathematics Degree

Best Career Options after Degree in Mathematics

One of the most dreaded subjects is also one of the most studied subjects in India and abroad. More and more students are attracted towards this subject or major today. The career options that are available to these students, are too on a rise. This rise is due to the recent rise in the use of technology, requirement of big data bases and economic efficiency by various organizations. The demand for number crunchers is on a high as the market it expected to rise by a stellar 23 percent in the near future and is also predicted to have a great salary hike. However, the field is not only lucrative, it is also about the passion for mathematics and solving those complex equations. When it comes to career, there a numerous options available to the students of Math major, may it be the traditional and expected route of research or the not so traditional careers in banking, accounting and business or corporates. The answer to the question, what can you do after a degree in Math’s depends on various factors. Such as your own inclination, the demand in the market (Indian and global) and the kind of industry you might want to work in. Careers in the field of law and medicine is also possible, if one aims for it. Other than that, we are all aware of the common career options that are available to the Math graduates today including being an accountant, actuary, technician, an economist, market researcher, statistician and many more. However to really understand which course to opt for, here is an in-depth understanding of each career option, that is available to a Math graduate. This will take you one step closer in answering the question – “What can I do after a Math degree?”


Top 9 Options after Pursuing a Degree in Mathematics

The most obvious career option that is available to Math graduates is a career in banking. The career in banking has a wide scope ranging from retails banking to corporate sector banking. The banking sector deals with public and private financial assets and liabilities. Other functions such as mergers, acquisitions, lending, bonds and shares are also handled by this sector. Operations within the banking sector might include jobs like market researcher, being engaged in creating new business opportunities, and developing financial models-solutions to present to clients of the bank. Though a Math degree is adequate, for some roles one might require qualifications in finance too.

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  • Career in Basic Accountancy

The second most lucrative option available to a student with a Math degree is the option of a career in accountancy. The career path in accountancy provides Math graduates with numerous options such as job roles of an auditor, forensic accountant, management accountant, tax accountant or a corporate advisor. Some of the job roles require the candidate to not only have a Math degree but also further qualifications in the field of finance in required. The student will mostly begin as a trainee and will work and gain experience to accelerate their career to a higher job role.


  • Career as a Statistician

One of the most obvious and lucrative career options a Math graduate has is the option of becoming a Statistician. Statistician are the experts in the field of Statistics. They are ones who crunch numbers, interpret data, collect date and analyze it to reach valuable conclusions. Statistician have skills that are required in every field of business today, may it be a research organization or a multinational company. The need to Statistician is also present in field so healthcare and sports. The basic job description of a Statistician is to collect data, analyze and present reports which will add value to business and help managers to make better business decisions. In addition to excellent Math skills, one also needs strong communication skills and an IT skill set.


This career option has been on the rise in the past few years and has the potential to dominate the career options of various fields. The basic work of an Actuarial is to evaluate the financial risk in order to advice clients on managing their finances. One needs not only a strong inclination towards Math’s, but also Economics and Business, combined with risk analysis to excel as an Actuarial. Work areas include working in pensions and insurance in a range of sectors such as healthcare, banking and investments. These are usually client facing roles, which require a precise skill set and excellent communications skills.

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This is one of the less popular career options which are explored by students after a degree in Math’s. However, the traditional way to becoming an engineer is to take up a four year engineering course, having a Math degree can also help you get into some specified roles in various sectors. Math graduates are good at not only solving equations but also real life issues and physical problems, which are present in many spheres of engineering. For any Math graduate an engineering internship or work experience can help you improve their chances of grabbing a great job. However, keep a note that some specialized requirement of an engineering job is not covered in a Math degree.

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  • Career in Meteorology

Meteorology is a career option that not a lot of Math graduates take up or even think about. If you are the one who want to let the world know what weather it is going to be today, then this is right career path for you. You Math degree is what will help you to score a job in this field. The field is not only centered on weather but it is what goes on behind that matter. Working with large chunks of data, which is changing every minute, which is collected from weather stations, remote sensors, satellite and radars, all over the Earth, is one of the most basic job descriptions of the job. One needs to have strong analytical and interpretations skills along with being a Math genius, for this job position.


An old profession but still one of the most sought after professions is the world is teaching. Teaching career in the field of Math is an ideal one if you have the passion of Math which you want to transfer to the world. Usually, to become a teacher you require, not only a Bachelors in Math but also your Masters and a P.HD, all of which enhance the chances of you working for a reputed university with a respectable pay (also in a growing healthy work environment). These days even government is pitching in to push the field of teaching by providing various grants and fee reductions.

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One of the most lucrative options that is out there for Math graduates is becoming a Chartered accountant. However, a degree in Math isn’t enough to become a Chartered accountant. As mentioned before, to become a Chartered accountant, one needs to undergo further training and examination, which will make it possible to gain the skill which are required of the job. An additional degree associated with accountancy might aid your chances of becoming a chartered accountant in the long run. Once you go get employed as a chartered accountant, you under training and might take some time to climb up the professional ladder.

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  • Career as a Data Scientist

Another booming field which a Math graduate can opt for as a career option is the option of becoming a Data Scientist. The skills required to become a Date Scientist are specific and include excellent programming skills, knowledge of experimental statistics and math modelling experience. This field of work is extremely streamlined to Data Science. Thought various job roles and positions open up inside the field itself (beyond a Data Scientist that is). If one wants to involve in ‘very’ applied Mathematics then this is the career option to choose.


The job of a Data analyst is turning out to be the most sought after jobs roles and it turns out for all the right reasons. You need insight into various domains to excel in the journey to becoming a Data analyst, such as Mathematics, Machine Learning, Stats and Programming. All the knowledge and skills are essential to ensure that you are able to perform beyond the basic functions of the job role. These jobs offer lucrative pays, good working conditions and potential in career growth, provided one loves the work and finds a right fit with an organization.

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The options are abundant and so is the pay scale. For every student with a degree in Math, there an options available catering to all the aspects of their interest. What is ultimately comes down to though is the area of interest and inclinations, the student has towards these job roles and sectors.


Author: Andreena Sung