Ques: What is SCAR Fellowship Scheme?


The SCAR Fellowship Programme is designed to encourage the active involvement of early career scientists and engineers in Antarctic scientific research, and to build new connections and further strengthen international capacity and cooperation in Antarctic research.

About SCAR:

SCAR, the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, is a committee of ICSU, the International Council for Science, and it is charged with the initiation, promotion and co-ordination of scientific research in Antarctica.

SCAR also provides international, independent scientific advice to the Antarctic Treaty system and other bodies.

The membership of SCAR comprises the appropriate bodies of those national scientific academies or research councils which are the adhering bodies to ICSU (or by some other means, if a country currently has no national organisation adhering to ICSU) and which are, or plan to be, active in Antarctic research, together with the relevant scientific Unions of ICSU.

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