Is passing the All India Bar Exam mandatory for Practicing Law in India as a Lawyer/Advocate.

Yes, Passing the All India Bar Examination is a necessary condition for the practice of law in India for advocates who have graduated from academic year 2009-10 onwards.

The All India Bar Examination is only an entry-level examination – your career as an advocate would only be affected to the extent that you are required to successfully clear the All India Bar Examination in order to practice law in India. As marks are not assigned , you will just be informed that you have passed this exam.

You will receive your Certificate of Practice soon after the declaration of results of the All India Bar Examination, but in the interim period you can practice on the basis of the declared result.

UTTAR PRADESH – AIBE is not a Mandatory Exam for Practicing law in UP

In the State Bar Council Meeting held in December 2013, the U.P. Bar Council passed a resolution that the “Right to practice” exam, popularly known as AIBE, is no more mandatory for the lawyers registering themselves in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Declaring the exam futile, the U.P. Bar Council has allowed lawyers to practice in the state without endeavoring the AIBE.

According to the State Bar, once the lawyer is registered, there is no point of conducting the exam afterwards and by the by, there is no provision or rule as to that effect in the Advocates Act, 1961 as well.