Computer based Exams or pen and Paper based – Most of the JEE Main 2016 aspirants are confused as to what mode of exam is better.  We have listed here the benefits for going in for JEE Main 2016 Computer based tests. Check out

  1. JEE Main 2016 is not an Exam using internet but It is a Computer Based Exam which will be conducted using the Local Area Network (LAN) to make it safe, secure and un-interrupted.
  2. The best advantage of computer based exam is that one can change the answer frequently at a click while in offline it is difficult to change your answer once you circle OMR with pen.
  3. For JEE Main 2016 Online Exam , Candidate gets the flexibility in choosing the exam date of his/her choice as per his/her convenience. Also See  Attempting JEE Main Online Examination
  4. To know how it works or to practice theJEE Main Computer based test, you can practice the Mock Test is available on CBSE/JEE websites.The Candidate can download the same and practice as many times as he/she wants. This will give look and feel of the format of Computer Based Exam in simulation environment.
  5. TheJEE Main Computer Based Testis in a very simple format – There will four options of each question. The candidate has to click one of the options using computer mouse which can be reviewed or reanswered any time during the duration of the examination
  6. To give a computer based exam, you just need to know how to use a mouse on a PC
  7. If you opt of a Computer based JEE Main in 2016 , You can alsosave upto Rs. 500in Exam fees compare to Pen/Paper mode.