Ques: Why Anybody should do an MBA


Master of Business Administration, known in short as M.B.A is basically a ‘Masters’ (post-graduation) course in Business related disciplines. It first became popular as an academic course in the United States of America where the premium universities like Harvard, Stanford and Yale etc. started this program apparently to prepare students for the Business World. It slowly gained worldwide popularity and has now become a very coveted degree.

This will help me to gain technical as well as managerial skills.

According to the different surveys conducted around the country, 80% of the voters think that career after getting degree of both an engineer and a manager is the best career in the nation at present.

I too agree with these surveys’ results.70-80% students that are doing MBA from top b-schools are engineers. This approves the result of surveys and mentality of Indian students. Every employee dreams of one day being an employer.

If I own an entrepreneurial spirit, the best MBA courses can help me reach my goals. Learning the management and leadership skills necessary to take a fledgling start-up can help me turn it into something profitable.

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