Practice for JEE Main Computer Based Exam

Ques: I want to practice for JEE Main Computer Based Exam, please suggest how to do that?  Will I get a question booklet like in an offline exam?


To prepare for JEE Main Exam, the Mock Test is available on CBSE/JEE websites. You can download the test papers and practice as many times as you want. It will help you to get the feel about the format of Computer Based Exam in simulated environment.

No, you will not get any booklet, in Computer Based Exam the questions will appear on computer screen along with the answer options. Instruction page will also be displayed before the actual test begins. The time of reading of instructions will not be a part of exam duration.

But yes, the question paper will be mailed to each and every candidate after the exam schedule is over.

Tips to attempt Exam :

1. There will four options of each question.

2. The candidate has to click one of the options using computer mouse which can be reviewed or re-answered any time during the duration of the examination.

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