What are the different FORMULAS to Calculate Percentile for NEET UG Exam ?

Here are the Formulas for NEET UG  :

On the basis of Highest Marks:

Case One

If Anju has scored 295 in NEET and 396 is the highest score obtained by Mr Topper of NEET, then the percentile of Anju  will be calculated as are follows: 295 x 100/396 = 74.49

Case Two

If Ramesh has scored 175 then, 175 x 100/396 = 44.19

Neet percentile on the Basis of Rank:

If Sunita has secured Rank 5 in NEET and had 8,00,000 students appearing for the exam, then the percentile of Sunita would be [(800000-5)/800000] x 100 = 99.99