What are the Career Prospects after Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Development from IGNOU?

Answer :

Rural India (65,000 villages) contributes 60% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and accounts for 53% of the fast moving consumer goods that are the backbone of our economy. The 300-500 million rural consumers offer a huge untapped opportunity and challenge for global marketers.

A rural management/development programme imparts specific management skills for targeting this segment and managing a rural enterprise or co-operative. It therefore deals with all the functional areas such as marketing, managerial accounting, finance, rural behavior, rural environment and production, rural research methodology, field studies of rural producers, human resources, integrated rural management, communicating developmental and social messages, etc.

Anyone with an agricultural background or leaning, who is interested in working in a rural set-up, is well suited for a career in rural management.

You can find meaningful work in rural development projects with NGOs, the government and corporates in their rural initiatives and various agricultural or agri-business cooperatives and international/national development agencies.

With a rural management degree, you can work in banks like NABARD, ICICI, UTI, insurance companies Retail chains and MNCs or rural consultancies like ITC e-choupal, the SCS group, grossman and associates.