Small Business Ideas without Investment

10 Best Small Business ideas without investment – Today a lot of people wish to earn money by opening businesses. Not all of them are suited for regular 9-5 jobs. Gone are the days when most of the student community wanted to become a doctor, engineer or CAs. Now most of them are fuelled by their passion and wish to be entrepreneurs.


At times, there is a situation when people want to be entrepreneurs, but they do not have money for investment. However, there are various such business ideas – especially the online ones where you hardly need any investment. In this article, we are going to mention a few business ideas that budding entrepreneurs can start without any investment. 


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1. Freelance Writing

Writing is one of the essential skills that every business owner needs to have. It is the best way to communicate about your services to the online viewers. Although not everyone can be a writer, the best part is one can easily take this skill. And if you are a natural writer – then there is no stopping. You can easily make money on the Internet. 

As a writer, you get various opportunities to establish your business by offering to write blogs, technical articles, posts, books, editorials, etc. to different favourite website owners. 


2. Affiliate marketing

It is one of the most popular methods of earning money online. One of the most comfortable business models, Affiliate Marketing, is all about recommending another venture’s products & services to your audience. In case somebody makes a purchase, you then get the commission from the referral. 

The process is like this – Online shoppers lands on your affiliate website to make the purchases, if he clicks the product link, then he/she is directed to the merchant website. And when the purchase is made, the affiliate is rewarded by the merchant for his efforts. Most of the affiliate websites are free to join, and you don’t need any capital.


3. Amazon Associates

It’s quite similar to affiliate marketing. Amazon offers this commission programme which is profitable where website publishers can earn by referring people to the Amazon websites. For this, you will have to create a website where based on a category; you will review those products. Then you will have to become an Amazon Associate. If a user clicks the link and makes purchases, then you will get a commission amount. A lot of associates are earning huge commissions by earning from this program. 


4. SEO Executive

A lot of websites get their traffic from Google. Therefore, it’s essential for them that they optimise their site using SEO according to Google search algorithms. Therefore, SEO executives are hugely in demand because of their skills. It is a skill easy to master, and without any investment, you can start offering your services. All you need is to create an effective strategy. Once you have learned it, within no time, you can start your SEO agency. 


5. Online Book Publishing

If you are a Blogger or a writer, we are sure you might have thought about publishing a book one day. Although it might be tough to publish a hard copy version of your book, let us tell you can efficiently distribute it online. Whether it’s a romance novel, children storybook, the short story collection, an education book or a fiction one – you now have various options to publish it by yourself. 

You can publish your items in the form of eBooks and put it on sale from your website. Kindle Store is the most popular medium to publish the books online. Here you don’t have to worry about printing your book or even marketing it. You need to upload your book on an online platform and rest everything is automatically taken care of. 


6. Website Developer

We are living in times where every business needs a website to sustain. It is also important to make sales. If you have web development skills, then trust us you are going to choose a field that will never disappoint you. You can start by taking minimal charges and as soon as you have begun sustaining – you can start earning profits. You can also create websites using Wix, WordPress, etc. with the later on being the most popular one. A lot of ventures are looking for web developers to create blog pages, e-commerce sites, galleries, service forms, etc.


7. Social Media Executive

With around 1/3rd of world population using various social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc. – with Facebook leading this race, social media platforms have become a massive medium for business ventures to reach out to their customers and also to generate website traffic. Therefore, Social Media Executives are hugely in demand. You can quickly become an SM executive and start looking after social media strategies of business houses. All you need for this is to invest your knowledge. 


8. Digital Marketing Executive

Since everyone now knows how to use the Internet, hence it’s essential for business houses that they incorporate a Digital Marketing team. And the best part is now companies are looking for DM executives. Investing in DM business is not only easy & cheap but also gives instant results. Companies want DM freelancers who can bring online customers through online marketing campaigns. 


9. Graphic Designer

Companies are always looking for people who can help them with creating online designs, create logos and images, etc. Not every customer enjoys reading. Therefore, images are another option left for companies to communicate their ideas in the form of pictures to their potential customers. If you are a few of those people who enjoy creating designs using Adobe Photoshop, Canva, etc. then you can quickly start a small business with zero investment. 


10. Freelance Editor

If you have command over English grammar, spelling and you are a good speaker, then you should undoubtedly consider becoming an Editor. With your extensive knowledge, you can easily find various clients and start working today. This field provides unlimited opportunities so that you can expand your business later on. As a freelance editor, you will get to edit magazine and newspaper articles, blogs, books, indexes, web contents, ghost articles, etc.


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