What is the Full Form of ECC?  ECC Meaning 


About ECC

ECC Full FormECC stands for Excise Control Code. ECC is a tax number assigned by the Department of Revenue on all Excise taxes. ECC number is a PAN based 15-digit alphanumeric number. There are different sections in ECC. The first 10 digits is the PAN of the assessed. The next two digits are any alphabets which are called Excise Manufacturer (EM) or Excise Dealer (ED). The next three digits, which are also the last three digits, are called the Unique System generated serial numbers. ECC is used in many processes, like revenue accounting, validation of documents. It helps in coordination between different agencies. ECC is not found in every country. The Central Excise assesses and registered dealers have to obtain New Excise Control Code Numbers. This Number is based on the principles of ‘Common Business Identifier’ and will ultimately replace the existing registration number. New ECC Number shall be used for revenue accounting, validation of documents (e.g. CENVAT invoices), inter-agency coordination and for creation of data warehouse.


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