What is the Full form of CASA? CASA Meaning


CASA Full Form – Current Account Saving Account or CASA is made up of two terms – Current Account and Saving Account. A current account, also known as a checking account, is used in business transactions, offers no interest on the money deposited, and has a minimum balance which needs to be maintained. A savings account is a deposit account in which an individual can save money, get interest on it, and can use it for any transaction. CASA is hence a banking service or a type of bank account which has the combined features of a current account and a savings account. CASA is a non-term deposit account. So, CASA is used for everyday banking and for savings of the customer. CASA gives very low or no interest on the money in it, like a current account, and it gives remarkable returns to it, like a savings account. Even though CASA can be found worldwide, it is more commonly used in West and Southeast Asia.

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