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What is the Full form of CUET? CUET Full Form


CUET Full Form – The full form of CUET is Central Universities Entrance Test . it is an all India entrance examination conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to various programs offered by Central Universities (CU) and other participating institutions. 


CUET will provide a single-window opportunity for students to seek admission to any of the central and other universities across the country. The CUET exam is conducted in Computer Based Test (CBT) Mode in 2 slots. Slot 1 is of a duration of 3 hours and 15 minutes, whereas slot 2 is of a duration of 3 hours and 45 minutes. CUET question paper is divided into 4 Section: 


 Section IA, Section IB, Section II, and Section III.  


Section IA and Section IB are language sections. Section IA offers 13 languages, from which the candidate may choose one, and Section IB offers 20 languages, out of which one needs to be chosen. Both these sections have 50 questions each, out of which 40 questions need to be attempted from each section. The duration for each of Section IA and IB is 45 minutes. Questions in 


Section II is from domain-specific subjects. There are a total of 27 domain-specific subjects, out of which, one is allowed to choose a maximum number of 6 domains. The total number of questions offered in this section is 50, out of which, a student needs to attempt 40 questions. The duration of this section is 45 minutes. 


Section III consists of questions based on general knowledge. This section takes the general test of the examinees. There are 75 questions provided in this paper, and the students have to attend 60 questions in the duration of 1 hour (60 minutes).