Karnataka Post Graduate Common Entrance Test

(PGCET) for admission to M.E/M.Tech/M.Arch course in Karnataka

Visvesvaraya Technological University

“Jnana Sangma”‘  Machhe, Belgaum 590 014




CITY Planning: Historical development of city planning, principals pf city planning new towns, survey method, site planning and planning regulations and building bye laws.

Housing : Concept of shelter, housing design and policies, role of government agencies, finance and management.

Landscape Design: Principles of landscape design, landscape elements, materials, planning design

Visual and Urban design: Principles of visual composition, proportion, scale, rhythm, symmetry, asymmetry, harmony, balance of form and color sence of place and space, division of space, focal point vista, visual survey.

History of Architecture; Indian – Indus vally, Vedic, Buddhist, Indo Aryan, Dravidian and mughal periods; European – Egyptian, Greek, Rioman, Medieval, and renaissance periods.

Devepolment of Contemporary Architecture: Development and impact on society since industrial revolution, influence of modern art on architecture, works national and international architects, post – modernism in architecture.

Planning Theory: Planning process, comprehensive planning, land use and density in residential and non-residential area, central place theory, rank – size rule, settlement pattern, land utilization, and district level planning.

Techiques of planning: Application of remote sensing techniques in  urban and regional planning surveys, methods of preparation of urban and regional development plans, structure plans, strategy plans etc; and site planning principles and design.

Note: The questions may be of multiple choices, objectives type pertaining to the syllabus