GATE 2021 Exam Syllabus for English (XH-C2) 

English (XH-C2)

C2.1 Multi-genre literatures in English—poetry, the novel and other forms of fiction including t he short story, drama, creative non-fiction, and non-fiction prose—with emphasis on the long 19th and 20th centuries

C2.2 Especially in a comparative context, anglophone and in English translation, literatures from India and, extending to some degree, the larger Indian subcontinent

C2.3 Literary criticism and theory; critical and cultural intellectual-traditions and approaches widely referred to and used in the discipline of English

C2.4 History of English literature and English literary studies

C2.5 Research approaches and methodologies, including interpretive techniques responsive to literary forms, devices, concepts, and genres



(i) The five units above list aspects the question paper will include rather than signal separate modules or sections; these five units listed are not necessarily exclusive to each other either. The question paper will also not be divided into sections corresponding to the above aspects; and,

 (ii) While the paper will test candidates for a reasonable breadth of disciplinary knowledge, it would prioritize conceptual depth and methodological sensitivity demonstrative of disciplinary training over information wherever possible.


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