As the HRD Ministry is preparing and is on consultations for reopening the Higher Education Institutions, University Grants Commission (UGC) has prepared a draft of do’s and don’ts list for these Institutions before the eventually open. As per the draft prepared by UGC, the admission process should be conducted online to avoid the visits of students in the institutes. 

The draft also suggested that all the higher education institutions will need to form strategic tie-ups with medical facilities and put protocols in place to deal with students who are unwell. Students and teachers with a history of health conditions will be asked to opt for online learning and teaching.

Eventually, when the colleges and universities open, they should first invite-only research scholars and gradually open up for other students. 

It is also advised that students, who have an online facility, should be encouraged to study online. Students and faculty with a history of ailments like heart disease or diabetes would be told to prefer the online mode. For international students, too, the focus would be on promoting the online mode of learning.