CBSE and Microsoft join hands to build up capacity for AI Learning for Schools

The officials from Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have announced that they will be conducting several Capacity Building Programs for the teachers belonging to its affiliated Secondary schools by joining hands with Microsoft India. The aim behind this collaboration is that the Board aims to integrate cloud powered technology in its K-12 technology. 


This program is meant for those teachers who teach students from Class 8th to 10th. It will be starting from September 11, 2019 and would be conducted in 10 cities across India as of now.


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Intelligent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) are currently having a widespread effect on several sectors such as Education. It has helped to transform organizations belonging to different sectors. It has also helped to redefine the way common people work. It is important to set up the educational set-ups in order to equip tomorrow’s workforce. This would help to build the capability of educators. They will also be encouraged to integrate the process of advance teachings. 


Once the teachers complete this course, they would automatically get access to the tools of latest Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in a secured and safe manner. With this, the teachers will be able to enhance the learning experience of their students and make them familiar with the skills of the 21st century. 


The CBSE has nominated 1000 teachers to undergo the three day training by CBSE. The training is based on projects which consists of several practical sessions regarding several tools of Microsoft 365 such as Flipgrid, Onenote, Teams, Minecart and Outlook as well as Microsoft Paint 3D. Microsoft will also provide free tools, software research materials and similar sources to these teachers.


The teachers will also be learning about how to present a Digital story, how to leverage AI tools to create bots related to learning, how to use Teams while teaching virtual lessons and create the learning experiences in a personalized manner. It will also them to demystify several concepts related to AI. With this program, the teachers would also get an opportunity to become Microsoft Innovative Educators. 


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