CA Final Exam Syllabus to undergo changes

ICAI likely to bring changes in the syllabus of CA Final Exam – The governing body of Chartered Accountancy which is Institute of Chartered Accountants of India or ICAI has announced that the syllabus for Chartered Accountancy (CA) Final Exam which is scheduled for November month this year, is likely to undergo some changes. The  governing body is likely to modify the scope of syllabus of selected subjects under CA final exams. 


See: CA CPT 2019 (June) Notification


Some sources from the Institute have stated that certain topics of Financial Reporting paper such as existing Accounting Standards and topics under it such as AS 15, 21, 23, 25, 27 and 28, Accounting for e-commerce Business and related Guidance Notes, Accounting for Carbon Credit and related Guidance Notes, Value Added Statement and Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) opinions, Human resources Reporting and several other similar topics are to be excluded from the upcoming 2019 November CA Final Exam. Instead of that, the governing body may add several other new topics. 


However, another topic which is The Guidance on Accounting for Expenditure on Corporate Social Responsibility activities which falls under the Scope of Topic 13 of CA final syllabus will continue to be applicable. The Special Audit Assignment topic which comes under Advanced Editing and Professional Ethics Paper has been excluded by the Institute. Few topics from Strategic Financial Management such as International Financial Center (IFC), Indian Financial System and Small and Medium level Enterprises have been excluded as well. 


ICAI further issued some list of Guidance Notes and other Notes which have been excluded:


  1. Guidance Note on Reporting on Fraud under Section 143(12) of the Companies Act, 2013
  2. Guidance Note on Reporting under Section 143(3)(f) and (h) of the Companies Act, 2013
  3. Guidance Note on Audit of Payment of Dividend
  4. Guidance Note on Capital of Audit and Reserves
  5. Guidance Note on Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATS)
  6.  Guidance Note on Audit of Expenses
  7. Guidance Note on Audit of Revenue
  8. Guidance Note on Audit of Liabilities
  9. Guidance Note on Audit of Cash and Bank Balances
  10. Guidance Note on Audit of Investment
  11. Guidance Note on Audit of Debtors, Loans and Advances
  12. Guidance Note on Audit of Inventory
  13. Guidance Note on independence of Auditors
  14. Code of Ethics


See: CA CPT Syllabus 2019