CBSE not going to drop 5 chapters from social science syllabus of class 10

CBSE denies dropping of 5 chapters from Class 10 Social Science Syllabus  – There are several newspapers and websites reporting that 5 chapters from class 10 Social Science subject has been deleted by the CBSE. However, the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has denied this news and said that no changes have been made in the syllabus of class 10. Moreover, the board has also released a notification regarding this news and said that no chapters have been deleted from class 10 Social Science Syllabus. The class 10 students will have to study all the chapters in the due course of time.

Earlier, the deletion of the 5 chapters named Democracy, Democracy and Diversity, Political Struggles and Movements, Water Resources, Forests and Wildlife has been claimed by some newspapers. But later the board has denied this report.

CBSE said that, it has been receiving numerous requests from its stakeholders to justify the curriculum of Social Science as the students were forced to study the huge syllabus of 4 different subjects like History, Geography, Economics and Political Science.


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Due to which, the board has now decided to implement the new assessment strategy. Now, it would be assessed as per the strengthened school-based assessment.

The mentioned chapters like Democracy and Diversity, Popular Struggle and Movements and Challenges to Democracy can be best understood through experimental learning and project work. And can be best assessed through different modes in addition to pen paper tests.


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