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Career as a Web Developer- How to start a career as a Web Developer

The Internet has emerged as a miraculous space ever since its invention. While most of us usually enjoy the benefits of the internet according to our requirements, many individuals are interested in how a static online page delivers thousands of solutions only by clicking a button. This passion and curiosity have led to the origination of a new specialized industry called web development. This industry has not only witnessed excellent growth in the last few years but also offers thousands of attractive job opportunities. 

Many business owners and corporate organizations have realized the importance of building a profitable website in reaching out to their customers, and that’s why they have started hiring skilled, qualified, and experienced web developers to handle the responsibilities regarding their website building. Thus, all these reasons have positively contributed to the increasing demand for web developers in the global market. If you have an in-depth knowledge of building and maintaining websites and are interested in pursuing your career in this field, you’re at the right place. Here in this article, we will discuss everything related to the job profile of web developers. Let’s first know who web developers are. 



Who Are Web Developers?


Web developers are professionals who build websites, design these websites, decide their themes, create their interface and database, and manage their servers and domains. Additionally, they work on user authentication, email services, and other technical aspects of the websites. Developers generally go through a comprehensive process that includes thousands of crucial responsibilities, from working on a plain-text webpage to creating a full-fledged website. Developers use different technical components and programming languages (Javascript, HTML, CSS) to build an error-free, highly functional, and secure website and other related applications. 


Web developers are primarily responsible for all the coding and programming of the websites that usually happens at the back end. Depending on their specialization, companies’ requirements, and job roles, many web developers also focus on front-end development, such as designing websites and producing engaging content for these websites. Though web designers primarily handle everything related to website designing, web developers’ contribution to building a visually appealing website cannot be ignored. Similarly, developers provide updates for their websites when needed, contribute to website maintenance, and help to troubleshoot. While most web developers work with brands, online businesses, and organizations as full-time employers, some prefer to work independently as freelancers. However, many web developers are now turning to self-employment and building their own websites to extend their businesses globally. 

Web Developers – Job Profile and Work Responsibilities


The job profile of web developers offers thousands of diverse job roles. As web developers have multiple work responsibilities, most companies divide this job position into different roles and hire web development employees for each role separately. Candidates can either apply for a stable salaried position as web developers in a company or enjoy working independently as freelancers. The job profile of web developers is one of the most trending career options among today’s youth. It is primarily because this job profile offers various profitable career opportunities. 


A career as a full-time developer is extremely rewarding if an individual succeeds in proving reliability and commitment to their senior leadership. Full-time employment in this field helps web development professionals earn high paychecks and enjoy several employee perks and bonuses. On the other hand, freelance developers usually have the opportunity to work with new clients and enjoy the freedom to select their assignments. A career as a freelance web developer offers high job satisfaction if an individual succeeds in growing their own business. 


Work Responsibilities of Web developers


The following are some significant responsibilities of web developers. 


  1. Preparing website documentation 


Web developers are responsible for preparing documentation that consists of a working prototype of the website they are going to build. In this prototype, they decide which functions and technologies they will use in the website building. Additionally, they choose which type of interfaces, themes, and tools they will use to design the website. While preparing the documentation, developers maintain copyright guidelines regarding their ongoing assignments. 


  1. Creating and designing websites


It is the most significant part of a website-building process. In this part, developers work on front-end and back-end development. Below are some principal responsibilities of web developers in this part of the process. 


  • Creating user interface and other designs for the website
  • Designing website applications 
  • Supervising web designers in creating themes and graphics for the website
  • Choosing appropriate programming languages and codes based on the requirements of a website 
  • Creating user interface of the website by using programming languages like CSS and HTML
  • Working on all functioning and interlinking between the codes
  • Writing proper codes to define every element of the website, including designs, format, interface, web pages
  • Adding servers and databases to the website 
  • Tracking and testing website traffic 
  • Working on the latest updates and modifications of the website 
  • Creating a reverse backup file for the website for emergency


  1. Meeting with clients 


Web developers often have face-to-face or telephonic conversations with customers as it is extremely important to understand the client’s requirements. Self-employed web developers, especially freelancers, communicate with their customers and look out for their feedback. They identify what problems the customers are experiencing while using the website and try to resolve those issues. 


  1. Conducting customer research


Web developers often conduct extensive customer research and surveys before building a website. However, sometimes a company or organization itself conducts this research in advance. But a web developer must check the research data first-hand as it helps the developer understand the context well. 


  1. Collaborating with other professionals 


Developers often collaborate with other professionals while working on a website building. They usually work closely with data analysts, product designers, web designers, and other team members to accomplish different responsibilities. They encourage clear communication between every team member for hassle-free working. 


  1. Conducting quality test


It is the final and one of the most significant parts of the entire web development process. In this part, developers recheck the website, test its quality and functionality, ensure that all the applications are working fine, find bugs and errors, troubleshoot the website problems, and browse the website URL through multiple browsers and devices.

Required Skills For Web Developers


People of any gender can apply for the job position of a web developer. However, an individual requires a few essential skills to pursue a career in web development. Below are some significant skills most employers seek in their web development employees. 


  1. Web developers must be good at multitasking as they may have to accomplish a variety of responsibilities while building a website. They may have to work on multiple projects at one time. 
  2. As web developers usually work closely with different professionals, they must have enough patience and excellent communication skills to handle different team members, manage other staff, and supervise the website work. 
  3. Developers must have an in-depth knowledge of programming languages, such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, ASP.NET, and the like. They should be excellent at writing appropriate codes for their websites. 
  4. Web developers must have analytical skills to identify errors in their codes. It is essential to ensure the website is properly functioning. 
  5. Web developers must be critical thinkers to use logic and reasoning while building a website. Similarly, they must have outstanding numerical ability to determine the creditworthiness of their existing website. 


Other required skills are:


  • Organizational skills 
  • Leadership qualities 
  • Creativity
  • Attention to detail
  • Decision-making skills
  • Problem-solving skills 
  • Time management skills 
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Knowledge of search engine optimization 
  • Active learning skills 


How To Become A Web Developer?

The job profile of web developers is completely based on skills and work experience. An individual requires a few educational qualifications and work experience to pursue a career in this field. Candidates must meet the following criteria to get a job as web developers. 



Candidates can follow the traditional path (completing a bachelor’s degree) to start their career as web developers. Most companies prefer web development candidates with a bachelor’s degree from any discipline or a related subject specialization degree with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized educational institute. They can also join online certification and offline UG and PG courses in web development to learn more about programming languages and coding. They may have to pass an entrance exam to get admission to a web development UG and PG program. These courses help individuals crack interviews and get their desired job as web developers. The following courses are considered helpful for this job profile. 


  • Computer science 
  • Information technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Web Designing 
  • Website management 



Individuals can apply for paid web development internships or freelancing jobs to gain work experience. A professional portfolio and experience certificates are considered extremely helpful for those who want to start their career as full-time web developers. Similarly, freelance web development jobs help candidates to gain practical experience in handling different clients and building websites according to their requirements. 

Web Development Courses and Fees

People who want to start their careers as web developers can join online courses to learn more about this field. Nowadays, many online educational platforms provide free and paid certification courses in web development. Similarly, many affiliated private and government educational institutions in India offer undergraduate and postgraduate diploma offline programs in web development. Candidates willing to have an offline learning experience in web development can join these courses. 


Best Online Web Development Courses


The following are the top 8 best online web development courses. 


P.S- Candidates can join these online courses anytime, according to their preference. 


Sl No.
Courses Name 
Course Provider
Average Fees
The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0
30 hours 
INR 3499
Full Stack Java Developer 
6 months 
INR 1,29,999
The Web Developer Bootcamp 2022
63.5 hours
INR 3499
Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization
6 months
Enrollment free
A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development with HTML5
2 weeks
INR 6449
Hand-Code Your First Website: HTML + CSS Basics
1 hour 56 minutes
Front End Development- CSS
2 hours
Enrollment free
Professional Certificate in Front-End Web Developer
7 months
INR 71,045


Best Offline Web Development Courses in India


Below are the top 6 best offline web development courses available in India. 


P.S- For joining an offline web development course, the candidate must complete their 12th with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized board. 


Sl No.
Course Name 
Institution Name
Average Fees
Bachelor of Web Design
4 years
Registration required
Bachelor of Multimedia 
3 years
INR 1,60,305
B.Voc Web Technology and Multimedia 
3 years
Registration required 
Web Designing Training Course
3 years
INR 13,999
Front End & Full Stack Web Development Course
6 months
INR 15,000
Graphics, Web Development & Designing Course
15 months
INR 1,50,000


Best PG Diploma Web Development Courses in India


The following are the top 5 best PG diploma web development courses available in India.


P.S- One needs to complete their graduation from any discipline to join these postgraduate diploma courses. 


Sl No.
Course Name
Institution Name
Average Fees
Diploma in Web Development
2 years
INR 19,900
PG Diploma in Web Technology
Academy of Aviation and Professional Excellence 
1 year
Registration required
Post Graduate Diploma in Web Technology
2 years
INR 1000
Post Graduate Diploma in Web Technology 
1 year
INR 12,000-26,000
Post Graduate Diploma in Web Technology 
1 year
INR 85,000


Salary of A Web Developer in India

Due to the growing demand in every business sector, the salary of web developers has increased quite a lot in the last few years. In India, the average salary of a fresher web developer is 18,000-20,000 INR/month. Additionally, an entry-level web developer with 1-2 years of working experience can expect a salary between 25,000-30,000 INR/month. However, money-making in this field largely depends on a web developer’s job role, skills, work experience, respective company, and job location. 


In India, a senior web developer with more than 5-7 years of working experience can earn between 7-8 lakhs per annum. Nowadays, many corporate organizations and companies provide freelancing, internship, and part-time job opportunities for web developers. These are considered extremely helpful for fresher web developers as they can learn and earn together. Such organizations usually pay web developers based on their work hours and assignments. A web developer can earn up to 12,000-15,000/month while working as an intern or freelancer. However, the pay scale of this job profile increases over time depending on the web developers’ annual performance and work experience. 

Top Recruiters of Web Developers In India


Every sector, from hospitals and educational institutes to tech giants and NGOs, requires a team of web developers to serve their communities. That’s why career opportunities are rapidly increasing for web developers. In India, many companies are now hiring for web developer job profiles. The following are some of them. 


  1. Infosys
  2. Lotus Interwork Inc.
  3. IBM
  4. Wipro
  5. ITC Infotech
  6. Tata Consultancy Services 
  7. Internshala
  8. Wizi Marketing 
  9. Vastu Housing Finance 
  10. QuantumHunts


Top Universities in India for Web Development Courses


In India, many private and government educational institutions provide offline undergraduate and postgraduate web development courses to candidates. Below are the top 10 educational institutions in India that offer the best learning experience in web development. 


  1. Symbiosis Institute of Web Design, Pune
  2. Khalsa College, Amritsar
  3. Pithapur Rajah’s Government College, Kakinada
  4. DCT Academy, Bangalore
  5. Arena Animation
  6. Academy of Aviation and Professional Excellence
  7. National Sanskrit University
  8. Punjabi University
  9. Oriental Institute for Management Studies
  10. Zuan Education, Chennai


Top Online Platforms for Web Development Certification Courses


Candidates willing to pursue their careers as web developers can join online web development certification courses to learn more about this field. Here are the best online platforms offering several helpful online courses in web development. 

  1. Udemy
  2. Coursera
  3. FutureLearn
  4. SkillShare
  5. Simplilearn
  6. edX
  7. My Great Learning


Web Development Course Duration and Fees (UG/PG Level)


Many online platforms offer free web development courses, while candidates must pay the course fees to join the elaborated offline ones. The fees of these courses widely vary depending on the course duration, the certification type, and the topics it covers. 


The duration of an online web development course can be a few hours to a few months. Additionally, the duration of an offline UG and PG diploma web development course can be 3-4 years and 1-2 years, respectively. In India, an online web development course can cost up to 3000-1,50,000 INR. An offline bachelor’s course in web development can cost up to 2-3 lakhs, while the fees of an offline PG diploma course can be between 1000-1,00,000 INR.