Tips for cracking SSB by Col. Ashokan K

Tips to crack SSB for Armed Forces Aspirants

I want to give you all few valuable tips if you all, are passionate about wearing Uniform and clearing SSB:

a) The selection is absolutely based on your Leadership Qualities. (OLQs) .Hence, you must not resort to traditional coaching for SSB. What you require is proper training to hone your qualities as a leader and understand your strengths and weaknesses. You have to showcase your personality at the required level during SSB Interview. What you require is genuine leadership training with an orientation towards SSB.

b) You all must realise that the foundation to personality is made by two ingredients: General Awareness and sound Communication Skill. If the foundation is shallow the building is going to be shaky and will develop cracks.

c) At SSB we will observe and assess your exhibited performance. You need to ensure that your mental age is compatible with your physical age. Please remember – Mental age is directly proportional to your general awareness.

d) Hence what you need to do immediately?

i) Start reading English News papers and good magazines like India Today, Frontline etc  regularly. Read the editorial pages seriously. Indian Express is a highly readable paper.

ii) Simultaneously, enhance your English vocabulary. Whenever you come across any new words, take a pause and learn the word with meaning, using a pocket Dictionary or Thesaurus in Mobile. Keep a target of minimum 25 new words a day.

iii)Try and use newly learned words in your daily conversations. Make a group which has similar intentions of improving spoken English.

iv)  Write Diary daily in English and formulate your thoughts converting them into English sentences. Please avoid your FB/Mobile SMS language. Thus improve your Creative writing. See movies with English sub titles to get familiar with the language.

v) Improve GK and Current Affairs through TV, Internet, and reading.

e)If you devote 3 months into this process of learning, you are ready to undergo Leadership Training.

f) You may join Olive Greens Institute in Chandigarh, for your leadership and grooming training for a 2 weeks capsule in which I am a Director and Trainer,.(GTO).Visit our site, and view our training movies,especially “Sahasam Vijaye”,recently shot and uploaded.Olive Greens is a premier Institute having top success rate in India because of its expert former SSB qualified faculty and state-of-the-Art SSB infrastructure and ditto GTO testing Ground.

g) If you have passion and ‘Fire in the belly” to clear SSB,you are a sure- shot winner provided you follow my advice.

Author : Col Ashokan K is One of the Promoters of Olive Greens Institute . He is a Trainer and Facilitator M Com, Dip Adv Wks Study, Ex Member Services Selection Board. (Trained at Defence Institute of Psychological Research, DRDO in Psychology with special focus on Competency based Evaluation through Group Dynamics) Held numerous training and motivational programmes on Leadership and Team Building for over 20 years.


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