Shortcuts do not lead to lasting Success

Shortcuts do not lead to lasting Success. There are no shortcuts to success by Arun Vedhera. Success is through a lifetime of dedication and consistent hard work

We all want to be successful – in studies, career, interpersonal relations and in society. Examples of immensely successful and wealthy persons provide an inspiration and sometimes create a sense of jealously also.

We look at the fabulously rich businessmen, sportspersons and artists and want to have exactly what they have in terms of money, fame and power.

Please remember that they achieved their positions through a lifetime of dedication and consistent hard work. Also that they too have their own share of frustrations, pain and challenges, from which no human beings are spared over a life time.

Moreover to keep themselves at their exalted positions, the achievers have to regularly make efforts, almost at the level of devotion to their craft.

Success achieved very quickly by unscrupulous means and bypassing the natural processes is like a mirage, which just gives the person a temporary high and later leaves behind a trail of destruction.

You do not have to go far to understand this phenomenon. Just look at the rich and powerful who have achieved success through unlawful means, ponzi schemes and unholy power nexus.

Such seemingly enticing success stories always end in conviction by law, power grabbing within the family and even the untimely end of the persons concerned.

Anything earned through shortcuts will never give satisfaction to the beneficiary who knows within himself/herself that the fame and money has been acquired through unfair means. The children, relatives and friends all know the truth and never truly respect the individuals; they only want to share spoils of the success.

Today the extent of greed and the resultant shortcuts employed by bankers and financial institutions to register mega profits have brought the mighty western world including very large economies of USA and Europe to knees, what to talk of individuals.

Insider trading charges have brought down very powerful professionals, destroying reputations built over a life time.

Fake academic degrees have destroyed careers when persons least expected to be caught. Numbers of airline pilots have lost their lucrative jobs due to fake certificates. Students not able to get admission in India have been getting medical degrees for a hefty fee from countries having more relaxed norms. These degrees are either not recognized or such Doctors are found not to have the requisite skills and are therefore found unfit for good jobs.

Those who have achieved success and position through systematic hard work and ethical means always enjoy a special respect in society.

The Tatas and Mahindras are admired for their integrity even more than their business success.

When Ratan Tata launched Indica as the first indigenous car or Anand Mahindra launches Scorpio as the first Indian SUV, most of the Indians wanted them to succeed as if it was their personal venture. These men are considered true nationalists and their success makes us proud.

They did not achieve this position by employing shortcuts but by painstakingly building their businesses brick by brick, using ethical means.

During two separate television interviews on NDTV and Headline News, famous actor Aamir Khan and noted cricketer turned politician Imran Khan were complimented for their youthful looks and physique. When asked the secret behind the same, both said that they followed a healthy and strict regime of diet, sleep and exercise and that ‘there is no shortcut’ to that.


Do not be in a hurry and do not employ shortcuts. As a matter of fact, straight path is the shortest one. Success achieved through hard work and legitimate means will be lasting and truly rewarding.
More than anything, it will bring you respect and peace of mind.

Arun Vedhera
An Engineer, M.B.A with 34 yrs. of Management Experience in the Industry. As a Top Management Professional, well versed with all the functional areas and the human dynamics. Passionate about management education and a satisfied customer of Life.

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