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Spoken English Youtube Channels to learn how to speak perfect English – Knowing the English language fluently is very important if you wish to develop your personality, want to land yourself a great job, want to do well in your life or want to travel abroad. English is the language that maximum number of people speak all over the world.


Learn English Speaking – The Easy Way !


Most of the time, it’s the only language through which two unknown people can communicate with each other. At times, when you visit another country and you don’t know that country’s native language, but if you know English, then you’ re not going to face any barrier since people of that particular country can also understand English. Therefore, apart from your native language, English is one such language that you should always know how to read, write and understand.


Top 10 Spoken English Youtube Channels


If you are looking forward to learning English, but do not want to use that bookish knowledge, then let us tell you that there are various  Spoken English Youtube channels through which you can learn English. Some of these are:

1) Let’s Talk, Spoken English Youtube Channels for every age

It is a Mumbai based Spoken English Youtube channel through which you can conveniently learn to speak English. Here you can learn by watching audio and video channels. As they suggest, their aim is “to make learning easier by taking advantage of modern pedagogical principles and the latest web technologies.” They want to teach their viewers fluent English by enlacing natural ascent. They teach English to those who want to learn Business English, wish to improve their personality, want to perform well during corporate events through their English or want to appear for exams such as IELTS or TOEFL. This YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers. So, if you are looking for English Learning Videos for Speaking English, this might be the best choice for you.


2) Spoken English Guru

With over 1 million subscribers, this channel claims to train viewers in both UK English and US English. It has lesson wise Spoken English Youtube with appropriate pronunciations and grammar. Started by the former voice and accent trainer Aditya Rana, this channel claims to give 100% while teaching English. Here you can learn English in either US or UK ascent according to the requirement.


3) LearnX – English Lessons through Hindi

With 1.3 million subscribers, this channel helps viewers to learn English through funny vines in Hindi. They have brought humor while English Learning Videos for Speaking English lessons, so that viewer can find it easy to understand his lessons. They have created their English lesson series called Bhai learns English in using funny banter so that learners can retain difficult English vocabularies with their meanings. They also help in improving pronunciations and help the viewers in speaking English fluently.


4) Learn English Lab, English Learning Videos for Speaking English for Students

With over 839k subscribers, this channel aims to teach its students grammar friendly and fluent English. Through their channel, they provide free English lessons on writing skills, conversational skills, vocabulary, accent, pronunciations, and grammar. Through different tricks and easy teaching style, they help their students learn English. They also give the assignment to their students after every lesson’s end so that students can practice what they learn. The solutions are provided in the next video series. With simple learning style, this English speaking YouTube channel is a big hit among its students. This is among the best Spoken English Youtube channels.


5) Wi-Fi Study

With over 4.4 million followers, Wi-Fi Study is an educational Spoken English Youtube channel that teaches its users how to speak English without any hassle. Their lessons are designed in Hindi, and they have explained everything so appropriately that those people whose native language is Hindi find it easy to watch, understand and learn the video lessons. The best part is they create every lessons with animation related examples. Therefore, watchers can quickly grasp their lessons.


6) Unacademy, Spoken English Youtube Channel

It is India’s largest free online learning portal that teaches English through their YouTube channel. They have brilliant teachers who have handled different sections of English that helps to learn how to speak English fluently. These English Learning Videos for Speaking English is divided into different sections such as Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Grammar, Different accents, Personality Development, Business Communication, etc. through which students get to learn. The educators use brilliant examples in a conversational tone to explain everything.


The best part is students are allowed to post their queries directly in the Comments Feed, and the tutors clear these queries later on. Thus, Unacademy also provides student: teacher interaction. A lot of students have successfully upvoted this English speaking course after successful completion rating this Spoken English Youtube Channel for being the best.


7) TS Madaan English Speaking Course

This free Spoken English Youtube Channel uses motivational ways to teach their students English. Different tutors have designed spoken English courses based on various sectors such as Business Communication, Personality Development, Vocabulary, Grammar, etc. They have also included several motivational and self-help lectures on English in the course that can help the learners in boosting their confidence. They include daily videos that contain English phrases, vocabulary, etc. They also have included lessons on International level exams such as IELTS & TOEFL along with English Learning Videos for Speaking English.


8) DSL English Institute

Founded by a famous Spoken English Trainer Mr. Dharmendra, this YouTube channel has over 995k subscribers. It offers both free and paid courses in Spoken English. The course is designed such that students can confidently learn how to speak in English without any hesitation. The institute has produced many successful students, who have excelled in their fields both professionally as well as personally. The trainers of this channel are always committed to answer the students’ queries and give their best while teaching.


9) eVidyarthi, Best Spoken English Youtube Channel

With over 627k subscribers, this channel is another popular option for the students those who wish to learn how to speak in English through YouTube. The lessons are designed from elementary level so that even beginner level learners can find it easy to start the lessons. The course is designed such that it covers the syllabus of various competitive exams syllabus also. The tutors cover the whole English grammar explained with animated examples in this course. Once the students complete this free course, they find it easy to speak English fluently.


10)English Academy, English Learning Videos for Speaking English

English Academy is one of the best Spoken English Youtube channel for those who desire to learn the basic as well as advance learning. The team of instructors working with English Academy have managed to find the easy and most efficient way of teaching basic as well as advance english to all the students. With more than 2 Lakh subscribers, this channel has won over the hearts of many students who want to learn the basic as well as advance levels of spoken English. This channel makes it very easy for the students by making the video lessons in both English and Hindi language.

Mentioned above are some of the best Spoken English Youtube Channels for the students to learn basic and even advance level of spoken English.


Mentioned above are some of the best Spoken English Youtube Channels for the students to learn basic and even advance level of spoken English.