Do you feel as if your preparations for the coming Board and entrance exams are not as good as you had planned previously? Don’t worry – follow our advice and get things sorted out ASAP !

With barely over a month left till the Board exams, the time has come for students of both class X and XII to start their final preparations in order to achieve the maximum result. The situation is even worse for class XII students who are going to appear in competitive exams, scheduled to be held shortly after the Boards are over.

It is obvious that very few of you will feel content with your preparation so far – if it’s the other way around, then congratulations! You are in a much better position compared to an overwhelming proportion of your counterparts. However, those who are feeling the pressure due to your strategies not falling into place, don’t give up yet! It’s not the end of the world; in fact, with a little tactical adjustment, you are likely to be back on track within a couple of weeks.

Believe in yourself – there’s no point of acting otherwise

No matter what, you must believe in yourself during these final days – not just for the sake of it; we are talking about genuine belief. It is, after all, the most logical thing to do. The battle is not lost yet, and the fact that you are concerned, implies that you are willing to change things for the better. Lack of self confidence will only lead to half hazard effort. Therefore, have faith in your abilities, analyze the exam pattern and structure once more, make some tactical adjustment to your existing approach and attack the goal with a positive mindset. More on that in the following points.

Tactical changes that can make a difference

First and foremost, you must identify your strengths and weaknesses. Go through your entire syllabus for all the subjects one by one (this may take a while) and identify your strong points. As for the chapters or subject matter that challenge you the most, attack them by:

  • Preparing notes – short and long; whichever works for you.

  • Try to remember important points using diagrams – remember images complement your memory prowess in the most comprehensive way possible

  • Review your notes regularly for maximum results

  • Don’t completely ignore the subject matter you are strong in – find a slot for them in your daily study schedule.

Also, you must take into account the mark distribution in each individual subject. You need to understand the bitter truth that you may not be able to cover all of your syllabus on time. Therefore, it’s always important to emphasize more on chapters or sections where the mark allotments are on the larger side.

Revision and strategy during exam time counts too

Revision is really-really important, there is no second opinion about it. But what’s even more important is that you come up with a reliable strategy to handle the exam pressure. For example, it’s always a good idea to start with reading the question paper and identifying the questions you are confident in. Attack them, and make sure that you don’t lose those marks. After that, attack the moderately difficult ones, followed by the difficult ones.