Importance of English in Group Discussion – Can a person speak in Hindi?

When the group discussion starts, most of the conversation takes place in English. Sometimes a thought comes to your mind but you cannot express it in English. At such a situation you can definitely speak Hindi. You should not hesitate. Your confidence is also an important aspect which is being judged. A person can express himself in Hindi but he should be able to understand English. It is more important to make sense and participate. English is preferred over Hindi since it is a global language and the recruiters in the multinational companies can prefer English depending on the nature of the job. If the job demand only local interaction the recruiters would not emphasize on English but if otherwise you require to communicate globally then given under are the points why English is considered ideal.

Group Discussion – Some crucial GD Tips

Why is English considered ideal for group discussions?

 English is a global language. No matter to which state or country you belong, there is a common platform to express your thoughts. Imagine a world without English. Doesn’t it seem impossible? We all would then be communicating with gestures. It would be impossible to express our thoughts to a person who does not understand my language. In India itself, there are more than a 780 languages. Can you think about the whole world……6500 languages ?  So imagine what would happen in the absence of this blessing called ENGLISH.

To have success in the Group discussions good knowledge in different subjects and topics is essential along with the practice of GD with friends and family members. One famous proverb is practice makes man perfect. This is 100 % applicable in Group discussions. Group Discussion plays a major role in selecting the final candidate in any interview. It is a method used for testing the potential and the behavioral aspects of the candidates. It is also a method used to test the fluency of the candidate. It is an activity in which the participants exchange their views on a particular topic. It is regarded as one of the best tools to assess the potential of the candidates.

The judges observe the knowledge of the candidate, their expressions, vocabulary and confidence.  In order to get success in the group discussions, candidates should have good communication skills. Listening to the others, communicating with good language, giving opportunity to all the members of the team, all these things will be observed by the judges. The candidate should be very clear, straight forward and meaningful.

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Perfecting the Art of Group Discussions

Tips for an effective group discussion

Be punctual– well begun is half done. Be on time so that you give a good impression. This also ensures that you do not miss on any important point in the discussion.

Follow the dress code– You need to look impressive, well groomed and confident. This is not a casual discussion, but one that will help you get a job with a company. Be careful about the norms of the company.

Be prepared– don’t be overconfident and go unprepared. Try to brush up your current affairs a day before.

Carry a pen and a notebook. This allows you to refer to what others have said previously.

Be polite but firm– Body language is important, so be careful while using gestures and do not ever get aggressive.try to prove your point politely.

Be confident– Maintain eye contact with team members and not evaluators. They’re not a part of the discussion. Ensure that you get to speak your point, if the other members hear you, the evaluators will too.

 Do not interrupt -Having said that, ensure that you listen as well and appreciate what others are saying. If you do not agree with someone’s point, let them complete and then raise your objection.

Be positive and do not be over confident.

Get Ready – If the topic of the discussion is known to you from before, then you can prepare yourself in advance. Try to do a vocabulary research so that you can use different kinds of words while talking about it.

Listen Carefully – Listening is very important in any discussion. So you should try to listen to others very carefully.
Be Fluent –   If you want to participate in a group discussion, you should have excellent spoken English skills. If you are good at spoken English, you can be fluent by practicing.

Be precise and clear– Understand that the aim is not to speak often or for long periods. The aim is to be precise and clear with your points. Ultimately, the discussion has to reach a conclusion and you must strive towards that.